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About the Course

In this third course, you will learn about liability and equity accounts and its effect on the balance sheet. If you have mastered bookkeeping basics and understand accounting assets, you are ready to jump into Liabilities and Equity in Accounting. You will explore the various types of liability, including: current and long term, payroll, and sales tax. Additionally, you will learn about the equity portion of the accounting equation and how to account for changes in owner’s equity. By the end of this course, you will be able to: -Describe the three main characteristics of liabilities. -Demonstrate an understanding of the basic payroll accounting functions and tasks. -Compare and contrast the different types of equity -Use the accounting equation to describe the financial position of an organization. Courses 1 and 2 in the Intuit Bookkeeping Professional Certificate, or the equivalent, are recommended prerequisites for this course....
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By Lenora W

Jul 19, 2021

There are a lot of errors made in this course, especially when it comes to the material provided and answers to the quizzes and the workbooks you need to do before the last test of each section. It just appears that this was just thrown together and not proofread for errors. It has been very frustrating that the students are paying for this and all the errors.

In my honest opinion, I would tell others to not waste their money. To just get a Bookkeeper Certification from NACPB or the AIPB.

By Haley C

Jul 17, 2021

I​ just feel like when I have to do the case study, I am lost. I struggle so much trying to figure out. I feel like doing the lessons it all makes sense to me, but doing the case study I have a very hard time.

By Sherie L M

Aug 8, 2021

The course itself was really good and informative! The case study had a lot of issues, though. Therefore, it affected the last quiz/test.

By Melissa P

Sep 6, 2021

Very disappointed and would not recommend. Coursera needs to review the questions they are asking. Riddled with errors which is extremely frustrating especially during final exams.

By Laura H

Sep 17, 2021

To many issues with the information provided. It was not properly checked for accuracy and caused confusion. I'm thinking of canceling my membership if this is what the rest of my learning is going to be like.

By Paula L

Aug 26, 2021

Nothing sunk in apparently. This is why I only do bookkeeping with QBO and do not mess with double entry bookkeeping. Too complicated.

By Sheena M

Aug 22, 2021

Class is great to learn the accounting terminology and to apply what you learned. They still need to work on the quiz grading; not fun marking right answers wrong.

By Kari C

Jul 20, 2021

There where a few glitchy modules or places where the math didn't add up. Also, there was no way to reach out for clarification if I didn't understand on a quiz.

By Kay S

Aug 1, 2021

I felt like this course had more substance than the first two, so that is a definite positive. Still don't like the time taken to listen to the animated characters; still enjoy the experts sharing; still experiencing some glitching in the practice sessions. I think the most disappointing part of this course was the final project workbook; it was a mess and took a very long time to go through but because the initial balances didn't balance, it was impossible to balance the accounting equation. Still squeaked by on passing the final exam even though I also made one dumb typo, but that was really nerve-wracking!

By Shannon R

Sep 27, 2021

Lots of errors in the practice and quizzes!!!!

By Oh H

Aug 21, 2021

Case Studies need to be worked on

By Arthur A

Sep 24, 2021

Lot's of problems with the final case. No feedback from the course creator for over 3 weeks regarding students questions.

By Amy G

Sep 27, 2021

Many errors! Very frustrating

By Robin Y

Nov 17, 2021

The case studies are full of errors. Take a look at your forums and you'll see tons of people who are having issues because the answers that you are supposed to get are not the correct answers.

By Kavi K

Nov 2, 2021

T​he case study problem would not balance. This is a paid course and the correct figures should be given.

By C. R

Jan 3, 2022

Last project is incorrect! This has been a problem for 3 months and no one responds in the forum.

By Scott M

Sep 2, 2021

A good introduction that dives a bit deeper then you would expect in an online course. definately helps you understand core concepts in Liabilities and Equity and elaborates on what it means to understand these two concepts in bookkeeping and how they relate to you Financial Statements.

By Annette M

Jul 9, 2021

Very informative, I learned a lot and was able to hone a few of my skills and pick up a few new ones with quickbooks online

By Vanessa G

Aug 20, 2021

There are many practical examples, and the way they explain the concepts make it easy to understand. Althouhg, they need to improve the case studies, their spreadsheets and some calculations seem off.

By Villaflor H

Oct 4, 2021

I learned a lot of new things. But there are too many mistakes. I got frustrated several times thinking that was me not knowing what I was doing and realizing there are many mistakes.

Other than that, it is good.

By Scott M

Oct 7, 2021

The information is pretty good. The presentation is engaging. The quizzes are a little confusing. I didn't understand some of the questions. The case study was confusing and not well designed.

By Rio J

Jan 14, 2022

Gives good information, but the final case study is confusing and unorganized.

By Ryan C

Oct 27, 2021

Responsiveness from the staff is a slow to nonexistent.

By Marie O

Sep 30, 2021

T​he course videos are fine. But there are so many errors in the test material, and there is no instructor to contact on any questions or issues.

By Anna E

Nov 23, 2021

The information is well presented when it works correctly. Many times the videos get stuck and will not continue, so much of the information is lost. I was able to make up for the missing information and did well on the quizzes. The final project is a joke. The beginning balances are off, and there is no explanation for that. I see on the forum that many people have complained, and there doesn't seem to be any interest in Coursera fixing the issues. I plan to finish the fourth course in this series quickly so that Coursera is not able to charge me any more money for these classes.