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About the Course

This course lays the foundation of social media marketing. You’ll learn what social media marketing entails, including the history and the different social media channels that exist. You’ll learn how to select a social media channel that fits your needs, set goals and success metrics, and determine who your target audience is. By the end of this course, you will be able to: • Understand the landscape of traditional, digital, and social media marketing • Understand how to become certified as a Digital Marketing Associate • Understand the major social media platforms, how they function, and what role they play in marketing • Create SMART goals and identify KPIs • Define your target audience and their customer journey • Choose the right social media platforms and learn how to create social media policies Whatever level of knowledge you start with, this course will help you build a solid foundation for social media marketing and gain applicable skills that will allow you to make your social media marketing efforts more successful and noticeable. Learners don't need marketing experience, but should have basic internet navigation skills and be eager to participate and connect in social media. Learners must have a Facebook account and an Instagram account helps....

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Jan 16, 2021

This course is amazing! It gives me a new perspective of using social media, makes me know the power of social media, and teach me how to use social media for marketing purpose.\n\nThank you Mrs. Anke

Dec 26, 2020

Anke is just awesome! Her way of teaching the course keeps me engaged and eager to learn more. All the materials were explained in a clear, concise and and easy to follow ways. Really a great content!

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By Ali A C

Sep 22, 2021

The peer-graded assignments are not a particularly effective method of learning in my opinion since majority of us are students of the course and we're not exactly qualified to be grading each other. We might be giving each other full grades and encouraging mistakes or misunderstandings as a result.

It would be better if the assignments were graded by instructors of the course or other professionals whom we can trust to be qualified enough to give us real, beneficial constructive criticism/feedback. Either that or have it as a guided project or optional assignment of some sort. I'm not brimming with ideas at the moment but I hope you understand my concern.

By veronica r

Sep 28, 2021

This course is a fantastic introduction to Social Media Marketing. The course is well-structured, with templates and downloads provided to make learning and assignment submission really easy. The lectures are entertaining and not too long; 'bingeable,' if you will. My only criticism is the lack of examples of KPIs for social media goals in the Week 3 content. A short lecture, or even a download of the main KPIs for the big platforms (e.g. reach, impressions, CPC) is essential I think to properly understanding how to set Social Media KPIs and to finish the assignment effectively.

By Parul A G

Jan 8, 2021

A very good Course for a beginner like me to understand the social media landscape, various tools out there in the market, how to define your campaign objectives, define target objectives, customer persona, journey maps and finally the measurements/KPIs to measure the campaign performance. Looking forward to go through the other courses in the series to have end to end understanding of social media analytics.

By Enrique R V

Jan 2, 2021

The course was very informative and straightforward. I liked the collaboration between people taking the course through the peer graded assignments. My only problem was that there was an issue with the week 1 external tool assignment and I had to go through the forum to look for other people sharing the same issue and found a solution there.

By M.Zafarullah S

Dec 30, 2020

It was a wonderful journey learning Introduction to Social Media Marketing. As heavy user of social media, it is really great to learn academically and officially!!!!The assignments and test really help in reviewing your understanding of the content, please do really take part in the assignment and test, you will really benefit from them

By Leah C

Mar 18, 2021

I have sat through several marketing meetings in the past and have always collaborated with that department, but this course was great in filling in the blanks I was always a bit too embarrassed to ask about the different social media platforms. I feel more confident about them now and gained skills in identifying target markets.

By Michael B I

May 13, 2021

This course gave me good insight into what it takes to be a social media marketer for a company. It definitely made me rethink how to use the right platforms for your business. There is a valuable insight into taking this course. It is way cheaper than going to college and taking a class on it.

By Sandra K

May 1, 2021

I am/was completely out of my element in my understanding of social media. The course introduced me to all of the concepts associated with marketing using digital platforms. I am not quite comfortable with my proficiency in subject matter but enjoyed the learning process/

By Sandra G

Jan 10, 2021

I learnt a lot in this course! I love how we got statistical information as well as case studies. My only comment is that the examples were all for B2C businesses or retail businesses. I think it is important to also give B2B examples as well as service based businesses.

By Wendy S M

Mar 1, 2021

It is a wonderful course to take especially for me who is not that social media savvy.

Definitely going to apply all I have learnt for work and my business. Anke is a such an excellent instructor everything she says is crystal clear and straight to the point.


Jan 7, 2021

Even tho' I already knew most of the things in this first course, it's a great introduction to social media marketing for everybody out there. Whether you need to freshen up or start for the first time, it's a more than solid foundation. Onto the next one!

By Junior R

Oct 12, 2020

The introduction is really good for people who does not have any idea , it helps because it let me know to identlfy the different kind existing social medial even I could register in new one. but I missed how to create campaings and the segmention for it.

By Valentina

Jun 30, 2021

Me hubiera gustado que el topic de crear tu LinkedIn (relacionado con desarrollar la carrera profesional) hubiera sido más que una lectura. Opcionalmente que nos permitieran hacer la tarea y voluntariamente revisar las de otros compaeros.

By Nikhil D T

Sep 28, 2021

M​s. Anke is a Superb instructor who teaching and clearing the concepts through real-life examples which is useful in future base, she is making learn easy and effective to undestand to all.

T​hanks Coursera and Ms. Anke , Facebook team.

By fidel m

Oct 8, 2021

Educative, Interesting and addictive if i may say. and Anke Audenaert is exceptional in her teaching. her simplicity and explanation in of the course makes it look so easy. thank you guys. its the best online course i have learnt so.

By uva s

Jul 17, 2021

T​he course was very useful. I lieked the Anke's way of present the topics. For me was not quite understandable the topics what need to full fill and uploade. Some instructions in the beggining could be usefull. Uva

By 19UELA008

Aug 26, 2021

This course with the guidance of Ankee Mam actually helped me learn more about what social media marketing is all about and how well social media marketing has gained prominence in the contemporary times.

By Gloria B

Dec 30, 2021

This was a good entry level course for a beginner or novice. There were plenty of examples provided to help get specfic points across. I definitely learned alot and feel I'm ready to go to the next step.

By Francis O U

Dec 7, 2020

On my FB wall, the courses always appear at will, I was thinking that in the course I was going to walk alone... The contents, the course community and hands-on projects proved me wrong an umpteenth time.

By Tina k

Jan 5, 2022

This course is detailed and very well organized. Instructor is experienced , knowledgable and has good communication skills. Would recommend for anyone looking for entry level in social media.

By Amaury S R

Dec 25, 2020

It is an excellent course. The only thing I did not like was that I thought I was enrolled in all 6 courses and not just the first, that is how awesome the course is. I just want to keep going.

By Marissa I

Oct 28, 2020

very easy to understand! just had a hard time creating kpis, it would be better if we had more exercises maybe? nonetheless, the course is well designed and very understandable!

By Jeremy N

Sep 19, 2021

Good course. It's very basic (as described) and I had challenges getting peer reviewed work done. Took a month or so to get assignments reviewed after they were completed.

By Rodrigo B

Oct 28, 2021

Muy interesante en términos de contenido, es dinámico en la enseñanza a través de videos, la pronunciación de Anke es muy buena y eso ayuda a que se mantenga el interés.

By Nicholas B

Apr 6, 2021

Very good, some of it repeats, and the feedback section is really easy so you can't give that much in the way of critical change but overall it was insightful and broad.