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Working knowledge of SQL (or Structured Query Language) is a must for data professionals like Data Scientists, Data Analysts and Data Engineers. Much of the world's data resides in databases. SQL is a powerful language used for communicating with and extracting data from databases. In this course you will learn SQL inside out- from the very basics of Select statements to advanced concepts like JOINs. You will: -write foundational SQL statements like: SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE -filter result sets, use WHERE, COUNT, DISTINCT, and LIMIT clauses -differentiate between DML & DDL -CREATE, ALTER, DROP and load tables -use string patterns and ranges; ORDER and GROUP result sets, and built-in database functions -build sub-queries and query data from multiple tables -access databases as a data scientist using Jupyter notebooks with SQL and Python -work with advanced concepts like Stored Procedures, Views, ACID Transactions, Inner & Outer JOINs Through hands-on labs and projects, you will practice building SQL queries, work with real databases on the Cloud, and use real data science tools. In the final project you’ll analyze multiple real-world datasets to demonstrate your skills....

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May 20, 2020

Amazing course for beginners! The entire course is well structured and has good hands-on assignments. SQL is extremely essential for Database management and fun learning so please do try this one out!


Aug 25, 2022

I am thankful to coursera for providing database and sql for data science course in such a way that anyone can

understand the basic fundamental of sql and database. I learn a lot from this course.

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By Alpesh G

Jul 21, 2021

Describe SQL and Database, Explain the syntax of basic SQL statements, composed and executed CREATE TABLE, ALTER, DROP, and TRUNCATE statements hands-on on a live database. Demonstrated how to write sub-queries and nested select. Demonstrated how to perform simplified database access from Python using SQL magic, how to connect to a database from a Jupyter notebook, use of invoking SQL queries from Jupyter notebooks using Python. Lastly the Peer-Graded assignment test all my knowledge which I gained through this course.

Thank you IBM and Coursera for this beautiful course.

By Deleted A

Apr 26, 2022

Well organized and executed class, I especially appreciated the hands on labs and that there were options for the hands on labs for those who have been experiencing issues accessing the IBM Cloud environments.

The only enhancements I woould suggest are to provide either written course documents or reference to documents that are searchable, and also some topics on debugging techniques. Of course, we can find this through query on the internet, but I think it is a useful topic for anyone learining coding techniques.

By Ariel M

Nov 9, 2022

This is one of the better IBM courses, but we warned. To get the most of the module, you will need to collect, research, and gather additional information from all over the web. The IBM DB2 cloud site has many problems, such as non-compatible libraries (SQL Alchemy), DB2 SQL commands with cryptic and often unique syntax not mentioned in the course, and other delightful nightmares of the programming world. Sadly, it's getting over these hurdles what will make you a database champ more than the course itself.

By Alyona M

Mar 29, 2023

Hello! Thank you for this course. I already had the knowledge of SQL, but I was interested in videos, exercises and repeating the basic material. And some things were new for me. I think you can suplement this course with the additional information of SQL language, who wants to learn more advantages of DB and DBMS or share links to additional topics.

Note: there is no information about the different types of JOIN, UNION and CTE (Common Table Expressions). In my opinion, this is a very useful skill.


May 19, 2019

This course is very helpful to learn SQL fundamentals and to implement it in IBM cloud platform.

I am belonging to a poor family and i was very much interested to learn database management system and Coursera provided me the perfect platform to learn Databases and SQL for Data Science.

I would recommend all of you people who is interested to learn SQL to start with this course because it provide depth fundamental of SQL.

Thank you for providing an perfect platform to learn SQL.

By Hưng V

May 25, 2021

Although I find the lab work is challenging, I often find myself have to refer back to the material to be able to complete them. That's not necessarily a bad thing, though, since they does help build good foundational knowledge for SQL and thorough understanding of the subjects.

Thankfully (for me), the exams and quizzes are not nearly as hard as the quizzes, so I can still manage to pull through with ease.

100% would recommend this course to anyone learning SQL.

By Narayana P G

Oct 10, 2020

Course material and teachers have delivered the information very clearly and made sure it is well understood through lecture videos and documented python-notebooks, with hints and solutions for every problem in the exercise.

In the final assignment the snapshot datasets were inaccessible and were throwing a HTTP 404 error. Nevertheless, thanks for thinking ahead and providing the source link, which made it easier to download data and finish the course.

By Ferenc F P

Feb 26, 2019

I had never worked in SQL, so this course definitely provided me a good grounding on database handling. I do not have too much experience with pandas library of python, and this course provided me some hints on deepening my understanding in pandas, and the logical connection between pandas and SQL. It was also good to see the techniques which can be applied in Jupyter notebook or in python code itself to use SQL commands.

By Михайло М

Aug 30, 2022

Really good course, maybe one thing which I'd like to change, is to add some detailed explanations on SQL Magic and process of connecting to your DB2 on Cloud, because unfortunatelly I couldn't connect to it and was pushed to work in Jupyter notebook. As overall I liked course and reccomend to also finish an Honor course, because this course explains a lot of useful tools, which help you to minimaze your queries length.

By Samuel K N

May 10, 2021

Out of all the previous courses I've done in the Data Analyst Professional Certificate by IBM, this one feels the most balanced and interesting in the delivery.

There were a few technical issues during the delivery, particularly with the hands-on labs, and for that I recommend to be comfortable using Watson, get familiar with db2 and other forms of SQL, in case you have to get around them. Also the Forums help.

By Pushpit K

Dec 25, 2019

For someone who had learnt SQL back in High School, this course provided me valuable information on some of the more advanced topics and gave an insight of working with real world databases.The basics are taught from scratch and the use of database on cloud made the learning more simpler.So if you want to learn about data science i'd recommend this course and also to those who have some basic knowledge.

By Jonathan L

May 19, 2020

This course from IBM does a great job bringing all the basics of SQL and concepts around Relational Databases.

And since this is from IBM, which offers Cloud Computing services, the course involves some simple basics of using Cloud services to create databases and interact with them.

SQL language

Relational Database Concepts

Basic Python code

Cloud Services

All of these are all helpful from this course.

By Rick G

Aug 11, 2019

Best class so far in the IBM Data Science Cert program. Well done and really get to working with SQL for data science usage. Has a good intro on SQL and the essentials commands you'll need and then dives into working with datasets and writing SQL statements. Good pacing and the lectures get to the heart of each topic. Labs do a great job of following up on that. Make more classes like this one.

By prahlad p

Mar 28, 2020

For a beginner it is an excellent course. Step by step hands on examples help one to negotiate and learn patiently. Now I have much better understanding of why DBMS is so critical and how one has to use the cloud DBMS remotely. How the tables are created and the significance of Primary and Secondary key. How the queries are run. How to do the joins to handle data from multiple tables.

By Shekhar M S

Apr 14, 2020

Its a very good course. It has both video lectures & hands on Lab simultaneously make learning effective & boosts confidence of a learner. Some issues with lab like unavailability of them due to technical issues makes thing somewhat inconvenient. But coming to learning, course is very good. I would like to thank the instructor & coursera also to provide such opportunity for students.

By Courtney B

Dec 16, 2018

I was basically a newbie coming into this course. I was not great at SQL, and relied heavily upon others to handle writing queries for my reporting. Now, I feel like I can handle quite a lot, and can logically piece together anything I don't yet know. The class covers all of the core fundamentals through joins, and even covers ibm_db api to run queries using Python. Excellent course.

By Ritik K

Jun 17, 2020

Classes have been short and very helpful and descriptive, and the hand-on lab practices give a perfect chance to practice all the stuff whatever we learn so not just concept but we get practical experiences.. however the assignment was a little tough but without hard work and getting stuck it will be worthless learning. Just wanna thanks all of the creators for such a great course..


May 30, 2020

Good Day

I am personally thankful and grateful for this opportunity .

Thanks and Warm Regards.


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By Vaasu G

May 1, 2020

The course is very good and informative. I have been facing one problem nothing with the course actually I had subscribed for the IBM professional Certificate for Data Science. Having completed this course has completed the set of specilization of introduction to Data Science but I have only received the certificate for the specializtion and not the badge. Kindly look into it.


Mar 30, 2020

This course is an excellent material for those who want to learn or excel in the field of DATA SCIENCE or more particulary DATABASE part of data science and perform various operations on large data persent in the from CSV or other file formats, by loading them into DATABSE and manipulating on analyzing data with help of some powerful progamming languages such as python.

By Ankur G

Apr 19, 2020

A good course to learn basics of Databases and SQL so as to facilitate analysis and visualization of data to make effective decisions. I thank the professors to make this course interesting and worth it. Only thing is, videos can be made in a better way so as to facilitate people with non programming background. Maybe some basics of programming would help.

By Victor A d S

Apr 25, 2022

The course is really good, especially for beginners, which was my case. The course has direct and easy-to-understand lessons and several exercises where I was able to put the teachings into practice. I could learn the concepts related to databases and the most important SQL functions, and how to access and manipulate databases on any server using python.

By Henning S

Aug 15, 2020

Very good course with a lot of nice practical Labs.

Can't understand negative reviews on cloud solutions not working or missing information for the final exam.

The db2 database from ibm cloud was working fine and If you thoroughly go through every lesson, lab and exercise, you are perfectly prepared and able to do even more, than is needed to pass the exam.

By Xing W C

Jun 10, 2022

This course is the best course that I have completed so far, I am only half way through the professional certificate, not really sure about the quality of the remaining courses, but this course is great. It is packed with lots and lots of exercises that ensures the students get to practice as much as they need to master every aspects of SQL Database.


Sep 21, 2020

The course is a real blessing to my data science. This is the most interesting course I have done in coursera series. I commend the organizers - IBM and the coordinator for a job well done. The course is not focused at setting a hard exam exam, but on procedures to solve real world problem. The cloud computation is also interesting and encouraging.