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This course will transition you from working on a single computer to an entire fleet. Systems administration is the field of IT that’s responsible for maintaining reliable computers systems in a multi-user environment. In this course, you’ll learn about the infrastructure services that keep all organizations, big and small, up and running. We’ll deep dive on cloud so that you’ll understand everything from typical cloud infrastructure setups to how to manage cloud resources. You'll also learn how to manage and configure servers and how to use industry tools to manage computers, user information, and user productivity. Finally, you’ll learn how to recover your organization’s IT infrastructure in the event of a disaster. By the end of this course you’ll be able to: ● utilize best practices for choosing hardware, vendors, and services for your organization ● understand how the most common infrastructure services that keep an organization running work, and how to manage infrastructure servers ● understand how to make the most of the cloud for your organization ● manage an organization’s computers and users using the directory services, Active Directory, and OpenLDAP ● choose and manage the tools that your organization will use ● backup your organization’s data and know how to recover your IT infrastructure in the case of a disaster ● utilize systems administration knowledge to plan and improve processes for IT environments...

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Aug 1, 2020

The best course so far. I feel like this course actually showed us things we would be doing day to day in the workplace. It's nice to problem solve since that will probably be a big chunk of the job.

Jan 15, 2020

This chapter is very interesting since describes a lot of the things that we have at the office running on the background but we never understood well. The material is well put together, congrats.

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By Mennon M

Jun 7, 2020

Tough !!

By Kareem A

Jul 6, 2021


By Shashank T

Sep 20, 2018


By Krešimir K

Aug 18, 2021


By None Y

Jan 12, 2021

For the love of god, do not listen to these 5 star reviews. They are flat out lying to you.

I have never, in my life, thought that a company as big as google could make such a drastic joke of a class such as this. All the way up to course 3 literally every single answer is given to you in the graded assignments. You LITERALLY have to learn nothing until the END of the 3rd course.

You can not in any way expect people to understand or learn the material if you literally hold their hand most of the way through. Id expect this from a start up or less formal company but from Google? Words havent been invented.

Its saying something that Google needs to catch up in the IT world when theyre one of if not the biggest IT company on the planet.

Also google, almost nobody uses linux. Those who do have a deeper understanding of it then what you put in here. Theres no sense in teaching it.

By Tanner J T P

Apr 16, 2019

These were pretty cool courses that offer a lot of knowledge but the part where that talk about getting you information out to companies to help you start your career is fully true. They send you a survey that you select the companies you would like to share you information with out of they're selection, and that's it. There is no other follow up or anything as far as I've seen but I've been done with the program for workin on four months no with no other leads to helping me start my career. So it's great maybe to help boost a career you're already in but DO NOT TAKE THIS COURSE if you are using it to help START a career. Hope this helps some people out like me looking for a way into the industry.

By Sandra E

Sep 18, 2020

This course is a must for anyone that's already in the IT field and wants to learn about managing IT infrastructure at a company. But for a complete noob like myself, it was challenging. Since I don't have the proper equipment to test this out and get more hands-on practice. They did have some qwiklabs. But for some unfortunate reasons, they didn't work properly. I would follow the instructions to a T, but qwiklabs wouldn't recognize my work. And in other instances, I would get error messages. I'm sure the lovely people at Google would continue to improve the content of this course, but sadly it didn't work out well for me. But I passed.

By ian M

Apr 21, 2020

Debatable answers to questions. Labs were overly complicated for the topic being discussed. Content was generally good. Presentation and presenter were good. Not recommended for the novice. Glossed over some important topics and commands. Did not cover the nuances of system administration and typical issues that SA's have to deal with, like judgement calls and stress. Ticketing and best practices and simple conventions were left out.

Labs need to be redesigned to load sample applications that the SA can start, stop, modify and change. Instruction set should be loaded on the VM when the student logs in.

By Emma S

Jun 30, 2020

A fairly good course overall with plenty of information. However, I got stuck working on the final assignment for over a year because I struggle with essay-style assignments. And the first time I submitted the assignment, it was a peer reviewed grade and whoever graded it failed me and I got demotivated for several months. I wasted A LOT of money on this course because I couldn't bring myself to work on it for so long. (It should be noted that I know I have an undiagnosed learning disability that is the cause of my woes, but I still hated being stuck on one assignment for over a year.)

By Barorome

Nov 12, 2021

Not entertaining nor interesting, i dont want to see the face of a person in the video, i want to see graphics of what he´s talking about, there´s not even a slight backround music, just blank sounds, makes it boring and difficult to concentrate, they bombard you with difficult words and way too much information to understand in a short period of time. Its surprises me that this course was made by Google, to be honest, i´ve seen better tutorials on Youtube. Even so, this course helped me a bit to understand how computers work, but thats it, the rest i learned from Youtube

By William G

Nov 16, 2020

The materials and labs are great, however the lack of actual personalized feedback on the written assignments renders them ultimately sort of useless - what's the point in asking me to enumerate IT solutions learned in this course if I have no way of knowing if the solutions I proposed are great, innovative, adequate, poor fits etc. It's a good exercise anyway to an extent but I feel cheated out of actual advice from an IT professional or instructor.

By Mulloy R

Sep 22, 2021

The information was great but This is Google; Every lesson should be interesting, fun and not boring. Google should be leaders in the adult teaching of tech concepts but they are not and i feel like they should Google; "How to teach adult learners" research it and come up with a new and innovative way to tech tech. We should have diagrams for everything and every lesson should be so engaging; Its not but keep trying.

By Anton V

Jan 5, 2021

This course is quite strange and seems unfinished. It's a shame because the material is highly relevant, and the Qwiklabs are quite important. But the Qwiklabs are optional with the claim that they do not work properly. However, they seemed to work fine for the ones I tried. The material and presentations in this course should be reconsidered very thoroughly, as it is quite sloppy compared to the three first courses.

By Francisco D D G

Sep 30, 2019

week 2 has very, and I mean, very serious problems with the test at the end. I tried and tried and even contacted coursera people. I had to do it nine times and I knew all the responses. it is impossible to have top grades when a test is expecting three right responses that I know I have to tick and the quiz shows single circle selection, not square. and there are several questions with this problem!!!

By Jonathan H

Oct 19, 2020

I found the teachers explanatory style much more difficult to learn from than with the previous courses. This was my least favorite course so far. Dealing with software specific issues rather than learning theory is just more difficult for me in general I think. Plus, I hate Windows in general and had a very difficult time forcing myself to be engaged in a lot of the material.

By Sevasti

Apr 19, 2021

You used to have great lectures coursera. Unfortunately, now they instructors just read out loud the material. Sometimes is very difficult to understand. I had to refer to the you tubefor better lectures. The final projects are not graded you just give a grade of 100%. To tell you the truth the only reason I would use your classes if for self studying and guidance.

By Wahaj A

Apr 5, 2021

I really enjoyed the AD sections, I wish there was more hands-on exercises in this course. I think the value of having the VM environment (qwiklab or however you spell it) would have been a good way to teach the AD lessons. I think I have a hard time with hours of videos and then some quizzes. Where’s the hands-on?

By Oleksii P

Apr 13, 2020

There is mistakes in the tests, not clear questions, and if not all possibly correct! options chosen it will count it as 0 not a fraction of a point - I consider it to be unfair.

And to add some of the grammar used in the questions is controversial and not used this days making it complicated to understand.

By Cory J

Jan 4, 2021

There were a lot of spelling errors in the written part of each lesson. There are times that it is easier to read the notes instead of watching the video all of the way through. This can be difficult when there are typos and I have to play the video to see what was actually said.

By Stas

Sep 13, 2021

The course was difficult for a complete beginner like my self, I've felt the course was poorly organized in its order of topic, I've had quizzes with questions about topics that only later on there were video lectures that explained the topic, like Active directory for example

By William B

Sep 24, 2021

This course was the worst so far. Info was muddled, lectures not well organized, quizzes reflective of that. Almost seemed like most people probably don't make it this far into the course so there's less attention placed on it at this point. Disappointing.

By Tom H

Oct 9, 2020

I understand having an expert teach is gret because of the practical knowledge they have but it does not necessarily make them good teachers. I also found the practical elements on qwiklabs either lacking or confusing on initial set up.

By Charles E

Feb 20, 2021

There were a lot of optional labs. That's fine, but each one of these came with an accompanying 1 question, multiple choice with 1 option quiz. These were so incredibly pointless. Whoever designed the UX of this course, why?

By Şahin U

Aug 15, 2020

There is no physical learning techniques as it was in second and third courses, and fifth as well. The is no systematized program, and no enough material to teach in 6 weeks. This course is a little time consuming.

By Astrogildo A G

Aug 14, 2021

Good content but most evaluation questions are poorly designed whereas grading is questionable and unfair. The experience may be very disappointing for starters.