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Sponsored by AMAZON WEB SERVICES (AWS). Learn real-world PM lessons from Amazon, Intuit, Procter and Gamble, Barnes and Noble, Whole Foods, Google, Mint Mobile, Juicero, Twitter, Tesla, Dropbox, Eventbrite, Blue, Samson, Coffee Meets Bagel, Mixpanel, and more! Featuring NANCY WANG, Head of Data Protection Services, Amazon Web Services; Founder and CEO, Advancing Women in Product; WAYNE DUSO, Vice President for Edge Computing, File Services, and Data Services, Amazon Web Services; ARUM KANG, Co-Founder & CEO, Coffee Meets Bagel; and AMIR MOVAFAGHI, CEO, Mixpanel; former Global Head of Business of Operations, Twitter....

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Apr 4, 2021

I really enjoyed this course because it was a good balance between the lectures and assignments. Doing the assignments not only helped me increase my confidence but also helped me expand my thinking.

Dec 2, 2020

Fantastic course. I really enjoyed the interviews with industry experts. They were extremely insightful. The exercises and assignments were super useful and the templates made it easy to get started.

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By S.Naveen K

Oct 7, 2020

To me personally, this specialization is a life changer. Nancy Wang is an awesome instructor and she teaches the best practices, tools, and skillsets to be a successful product manager. I suggest anybody who wants to get into product management must go with this course. As an icing on the cake, there is also an awesome community called AWIP. Which facilitates product aspirants to network with the best product minds.

Good Luck!


Dec 3, 2020

Enjoyed the course and learned a lot. The peer grade exercises were thoughtfully constructed and helped to solidify concepts taught in the lectures. Continuing to Course 2 and look forward to completing the entire specialization.

By Bahadir K

Sep 20, 2020

Nancy, you amazed me with your very clear explanation of PM and very well structured course. Looking forward to learn more from you.

By Carina O

Oct 13, 2020

I loved the emphasis on getting more women in technology. We need more leaders like Nancy!

By Fi D

Oct 13, 2020

This course is miles above the other product management courses on Coursera!

By Gordon

Sep 15, 2020

This is the greatest, most relevant product management course out there!

By Darian C

Jun 21, 2021


- The real life case studies were great learning tools.

- Hearing from real world experts and product managers gave credibility to the course and material.


- There should be downloadable PDF's for all the topics we covered. For example, the PRD case study should have a downable study guide and template to accompany the assignment. This will allow for future use in the real world and also to accommodate those who learn differently.

- Personal preference. The assignments should all be tied together. The course should offer multiple products based on function area (IT, manufacturing, health care, etc). Then we can follow along and compare our assignments to what a professional Product manager completed.

By Vera T

Jan 29, 2021

I got Product Management certification by finishing Real-World Product Management Specialization that was prepared and lead by Nancy Wang, a Head of Product at Amazon (AWS), who also was a Product Manager at Google and is a CEO and Founder of Advancing Women in Product (AWIP). Nancy shares her knowledge gained throughout her career in those extremely successful companies.

The specialization is a combo of 4 courses to learn product management from different perspectives: customer obsession, market sizing, competitive analyses, success metrics (like KPIs, OKRs, North Stars, A/B/n tests, NPS, CSAT, CES, cohort analyses, LTV, pricing, and financials), etc.

The big advantage of this course is it helps you to create your own portfolio through studying all 4 courses by developing your own product using real-life PM tasks during product management lifecycle from inception till launch. Each task takes about an hour. This work is peer-reviewed and you get real feedback. Even though it is quite time-consuming to do those practical assignments and peer review assignments of other students, it helps to get practical knowledge and learn things by doing, which is especially extremely important for folks who want a transition to a PM role and have no real experience yet.

Another advantage is that you get trained using real PM interview questions. Nancy shares questions from giants like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft and helps to master their Behavioral, Product Design, Strategy, Estimation, and Technical interview questions.

Also, it was super useful to listen to interviews and panels that Nancy did with successful senior Product Managers and Leaders in Product where they shared their experience, insights, and tips for PM career, things they are looking for in PM candidates.

On top of that Nancy shares great sources for networking to advance your career as a Product Manager.

I highly recommend every Product Manager to take this up!!

Thank you to Nancy Wang and the rest of #AWIP for putting this course together!

I learned so much that I am excited to take into my current and future roles.

By Christiane P R

May 1, 2021

Overall a great course, one of the bests I took so far in coursera. As feedback I would like to state:

1- sometimes it gets long to get someone's work that you can review. I'm not sure this is a limitation in coursera platform or on how courses are setup here. Another training I did was exactly the same and this waiting time sometimes is frustrating. I do not have a full solution for that ;) but I would propose something around named "tutors" or mentors, people that offer themselves as reviewers. This would allow the one providing the course to enable a threshold that could mark work as done in case it takes more than X hours for someone to get someone elses work. I do understand that in your model See one, Do one, review one it is very important to have this review exercise ... but it could improve user experience.

2- more resources please :) I loved reading the article provided in this course and sometimes for a beginner it can be challenging to search ourselves for good and right articles to read.

By Siddharth

Jan 8, 2021

This course provides a rudimentary introduction to different areas of work that an early-career product manager might need to become familiar with in order to succeed on the job. The course is engaging, light and offers useful exercises to learn by doing. The only areas that could be improved are (1) the rigor with which various topics are dealt with and (2) it might help to integrate all the topics with a section/exercise that walks the student with all the activities that need to be done from start to finish. For instance, take an idea, perform competitive analysis, define an MVP, come up with a PRD, PR/FAQ and GTM. All in all, this course has the makings of the best course on the topic. I'd love to see the content evolve before recommennding to my PM mentees.

By Rebecca N

Mar 14, 2021

The course covered a lot of great material that I haven't learned yet. I found the sections on MVP, Developing Personas and Sizing the Total Market exercises very helpful - especially when put into practice. I also shared them with my colleagues.

The only downside was the amount of work on the projects. While I loved the projects, I really wish I had more time to complete them in the time period in which they are due. It's almost like this course needs 5 weeks to complete instead of 4 weeks. I'm a busy professional and sometimes fell behind because I only have about 2-3 hours a week to study. Weeks that had more than one assignment usually put me a bit behind. I will be signing up for the next course though :)

By Jayakumar K

May 18, 2021

The course is just about right sized and right paced for someone who is committed to spend time and learn. It was very helpful for the course to have given a rubric or a checklist that tells whether the primary goals of each product manager output (or analysis) is met or not. It helped to build confidence and focus on what is important. The interviews from real world, true to the name of the course itself also helps to build confidence. My long term goal is to contribute to the success of banking business or related ones. Having worked as Project Manager for over 15 years, I was keen to learn the intricacies of Product Management.

By Zeynep T

Mar 30, 2021

This course made me realize that Product Management is actually inside of every job and responsibility. I found myself thinking about my before projects and how I performed a little bit of product management. I become more self-aware that it is really core at today's business world and I really become a part of it. Thanks to Nancy and all other guest speakers for this amazing journey. This is a super opportunity in our world that I can enroll this course and learn all this stuff from Amazon's one of Product Managers. I strongly recommend every person to learn basics of PM and start somewhere.


Jun 1, 2021

Fantastic course! I was very curious about product management and following the course it was fantastic to know the standard methodologies. Regarding user course experience, I guess that can be improved the review assignment, I noticed that often is needed wait several days for the reply (and several users asks reviews on the forum). Maybe can be introduce some automatic o semi-automatic mechanism to review, as in the quiz where the quiz itself executes checks and give feedback on errors. Can be helpful also to increase number of peer review for each submission, from one to two-three.

By Cheikh S N

Nov 11, 2020

Great course, with great insight really practical. I felt overall confident into pursuing the course but I felt lt also a bit overwhelmed by the characteristics of a good PM.

On the plus side : a lot of down to earth template that focus on the essential and are practical, a good overview of PM role in real life situation, a step by step approach to product management with competence and skills and advice from potential recruiter that is a plus.

On the room for improvement : the go to market part is very light.

I can't wait to go to part 2 of this class.

Thank you very much.

By evi k

Dec 9, 2020

I love the pace of the course, the examples and real-life flavor it brings. Things that could improve: for our see one, do one, teach one, I would prefer if Nancy picked a single product and use as an example to all exercises. I think it would improve the story telling and it would make some PM aspects more clear. Also, regarding some topics like competitive analysis or TAM/SAM/SOM I would love some ideas and examples on how to use these artifacts apart from drafting them. All in all I enjoyed the course and I'm looking forward to part II!

By Elena D

Jan 28, 2021

I really-really enjoyed this course and found myself being so excited that I wanted to learn faster than I had time for. The course covered a lot of material that I already knew, but I really liked that it walked us through the scope of product management step by step, introducing some techniques I wasn't aware of and building on top of the previous material. I also quite enjoyed the assignments. They were detailed enough to require actual work and time, which made the results very fulfilling.

By Yin M

Mar 12, 2021

I really enjoyed this course. The course content is well structured, concise and on the point with many interesting real-world business cases as examples. Having had experience in product development, I find myself reflecting a lot on what I did right and what I did wrong on my past projects, and what I should do more and what I should avoid doing in future projects. There are not only principles that you should follow but also very practical tools that you can apply in your PM job.

By Erica H

Jan 30, 2021

I really enjoyed and learned a lot from this course. The videos were filled with a lot of interesting information and there was good guidance on completing the assignments. It was rewarding to feel like I was improving my skills as we went and it made me more confident that I can become a product manager in the future. My one suggestion would be some additional guidance on how to choose a product at the beginning to focus on throughout the course.

By Maria A M

Feb 2, 2021

Nancy is an amazing teacher, and the tasks and tests are fun and useful to really apprehend the content of the course.

Maybe the course could be even better if we could receive at least one qualitative feedback on our performance from Nancy or her team. Anyways I can understand how difficult this could be to implement, but It would really add a lot of value to the course

Can´t wait to see what is coming in the next module

By Skyers 5

May 7, 2021

It is a delight to take this course, it allows me to get a pace of progress, things that I knew superficially are explained in such an easy way that I can retain the knowledge and explain to others. I also like the see-do-teach approach to make sure the knowledge is learned, practiced, and explained to others. Looking forward to continue with the next parts of the course. I also found a lot of value from guest's videos.

By Kamini P

Jul 9, 2021

The modules are well organized and sequenced taking me through the basics of skills I should possess to be a product manager, both technical and soft skills.

While doing each of the exercise such as writing customer persona or customer journey, PRD, Elements of value, I got to have deeper insight of some of the products which I had for my own and as well as helped me improve while performing my job role as a BA.

By Alix C

Jun 1, 2021

I've thoroughly enjoyed this course to better understand what a PM does, and start building the skills necessary to be effective. The assignments are relevant and help get the practice necessary to build those skillsets. Working through the homework helped me to evaluated some ideas for digital products I've been thinking of and assess their potential, who they would serve and how to acquire them as customers.

By robin

Dec 31, 2020

A very good introduction to product management which covers the basics and some nice exercises. My only criticism is that some of the multiple-choice questions felt more like wordplay rather than testing our knowledge. Also, they ofter referred to companies or websites that might be popular in the US but I had never heard of, meaning I had to google the company in order to try and answer the question.

By Hilary C

Dec 25, 2020

Thank you Nancy for designing this course and it's a very helpful one with real-life experience from the practitioners in the industry. Working for an MNC surrounded by teams with no product background, it is very challenging to work on and excel new products. Have learned and solidified some of my product knowledge at work and will try applying these knowledge and frameworks to my daily job.