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About the Course

The metaverse isn’t just for gamers or developers, it will be for everyone. In this free course from the experts at Meta, you’ll learn what the metaverse is, what it means for our world today and into the future, and the opportunities it presents for both professionals and businesses. Understand the metaverse fundamentals Experts will guide you through a broad range of topics spanning the metaverse ecosystem, from communication and collaboration to NFTs and cryptocurrency, from avatars and devices to platforms and game engines. You’ll learn about augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), extended reality, NFTs, blockchain, web3, cryptocurrency, and more. Discover new ways to connect, learn, and work The metaverse provides new ways to connect people, websites, platforms and realities. You’ll explore how it will enhance online social experiences, the future of work and learning. Opportunities for professionals and businesses The metaverse will be built by everyone, with creative and practical applications being developed every day by imaginative people. Learn how the metaverse will be applied in areas like healthcare, education, city planning, art, and more—and how you can start creating these experiences today. You’ll also learn how the metaverse can make the world a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive place. By the end of the course, you’ll be equipped with the fundamental knowledge of the metaverse to determine future areas of interest, learning, or professional growth....

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Nov 15, 2022

Great course! This course will provide a wealth of information to people that are completely new to both VR as well as the concept of the Metaverse; to include those of us not new to VR.


Nov 17, 2022

it so good it make me get updated about the next generation technology that is already taking place in our world today. I really appreciate that this course. Am happy thank you so much

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By Padma P T

Feb 18, 2023

The explanation and the videos related to it , everything was soo good and easily understandable. It explains a lot about metaverse with an absolute clarity. I just loved the course.

By Nicolas c

Nov 16, 2022

Really a nice course. It has a little bit of everything to understand the metaverse. A must for someone who wants to understand wha is this thing coming soon.

By JustsaiyanHS

Nov 12, 2022

Too many topics introduced problems without offering an answer or approach to solving the problem

By Santtu V

Nov 16, 2022

I find it kind of unethical to promote hugely energy consuming technologies and feed people's greed with defi, which is full of Ponzi scammers (like ftx), but it is just my two cents, but who I am to say anything. We still have our the most beautiful, diverse, blue physical planet Earth. lets enjoy all this beauty, and preserve it to future generation

By Yilin L

Dec 1, 2022

just like an Facebook meta advertisement.

not much useful knowledge.

By Parisa P

Dec 24, 2022

i want to appriciate for such a worthy and well created content on this field, it was really helpful for me to start to gain knowlege about the metaverse and blockchain technology .

By Khaled S

Nov 6, 2022

Good introduction for people who don't know about the Metaverse. But as a course from a tech company like Meta I was expecting it to be more fun and interactive. They used unrelated stock images and clips, and random infographics and animations.

By Aldo C

Nov 12, 2022

Excelent course. I am really impresed with the impact this is going to be for humanity. I would love to contribute with something on this big project.

By Carlos S

Nov 8, 2022

It is a very basic course. I was hoping it would be discussed in depth. I expected to see more use cases: Examples of active metaverses with experiences of social or economic success. No current metaverses like Roblox or Horizon Worlds have been shown, we haven't seen what's going on in them. No data has been given on the number of current users and ages, statistics... The use of NFT in current success cases has not been deepened. Current devices and their problems with weight, definition and dizziness have not been discussed. I understand that it is an entry course. At all times they speak positively like a sect that speaks of their god... one way to grow is to debate weaknesses. Even so, I appreciate the course and the effort to do it. We don't see in the Metaverse.

By Abdullah E E

Nov 1, 2022

I need the certification, but it's really too much for me to pay 50%, if there is any way to make it free, I will be grateful for that.

Thnk you.

By Calvin I

Nov 3, 2022

good marketing material

By Ramneek S

Dec 9, 2022

not that great

By Roman T

Nov 4, 2022

I really enjoyed getting acquainted with the Metaverse , technologies and concepts of the development of the Internet web 2.0 in the current decade. The course is essentially a concentrate of all the necessary knowledge to understand the essence of the issue and technologies that you can start learning to be in the trend in the market.


Nov 10, 2022

The course "What is Metaverse" is an eye opening session to understand the upcoming technological advancement.

By Marco R

Nov 9, 2022

This is a great introduction to Metaverse as a concept, and dispels a lot of misconceptions on the subject.

Downside is that currently, it all is 70% chit-chat, supposed specialist talking about what they want the metaverse to be and not how they are going to get there, in fact, many of the proposals they discuss are downright disturbing. I am not against the Metaverse, but I sure am against Meta's Metaverse

By Paolo D

Jan 3, 2023

It's a sufficient first step / introduction but I found it to be quite repetitive and superficial, and a bit too "Meta" - as the brand - oriented.

By Davey D

Apr 25, 2023

Calling this a course was generous. This was more so rehearsed marketting to talk about customizing avatars.

By Monica O

Nov 13, 2022

Great course for anyone who wants to know what the Metaverse is all about. What Meta hopes to accomplish and things they're already working on and have developed in regards to the Metaverse. It gives you a simplified understanding of what blockchain is, crypto, 5g and other things that are related to creating the Metaverse. This course really breaks everything down for you and gives you tons of examples of sites you can check out to see the Metaverse in action.

By Rachel B (

Nov 28, 2022

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and I am amazed at all the things I have learned. I thought I knew a great deal about the metaverse, but clearly I have a lot to learn. Because of this course, my enjoyment and excitement of VR/AR has exponetionally increased. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning about the metaverse and all that it offers for educational, business, and creative purposes.

By Jose A R

Nov 16, 2022

Great course! This course will provide a wealth of information to people that are completely new to both VR as well as the concept of the Metaverse; to include those of us not new to VR.

By Gospellove O

Nov 17, 2022

it so good it make me get updated about the next generation technology that is already taking place in our world today. I really appreciate that this course. Am happy thank you so much

By Tiffanie T

Nov 4, 2022

great overview of the metaverse and it current and future impact on multiPle facets of our lives.

By Christopher D M

May 2, 2024

By taking the course "What is the Metaverse?", I was able to gain a comprehensive understanding of the future of technology and the Internet. I explored how the Metaverse could revolutionize our daily lives by providing immersive and interactive experiences. Unlike our current online experiences, the Metaverse aims to create a more natural and vivid environment where you can feel present with others, express yourself in new ways, and engage in activities like work, learning, socializing, gaming, and shopping. This course will equip you with valuable knowledge and skills to navigate this emerging field, empowering you to embrace the exciting possibilities of the Metaverse and prepare for future career opportunities.

By Ahmet E D

Feb 8, 2023

This course is perfect for those researching the Metaverse. If you want to learn about the Metaverse and gain a comprehensive understanding of its science, ethics, management, finance and social structure, this course is for you.

The teaching staff is excellent. Many important scientists, including Mark Zuckerberg, conveyed their knowledge and visions wonderfully.

The course is not very long, so you can easily take it. The only shortcoming of the course (which is not a shortcoming of this course) could be more information about creating the Metaverse. But there is no need for this as this will turn into a comprehensive course.

I give 5 stars. Thanks to everyone involved.

By Sajan K

Apr 12, 2023

Today's Students needs easily understandable knowledge methods and tools. Methods that are memorable and accessible for students. Students needs every educational infrastructure in 3D for understandable. I think in future work with human thinking power. He don't need to write or speak to search something. Metaverse technology should easily trace human thoughts and feelings. Any thing he think metaverse should present in the form of 3D.