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Data can come our way in multiple forms and from multiple file types. It’s likely that at some point you will be faced with a data set that includes categories and subcategories under one heading or under headings with nested subheadings. Cutting through the file structure can seem like a time-consuming task, so it is critical to leverage VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP to pull out the needed data quickly. In this course you will understand how lookup tables work and apply VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP formulas to quickly extract data by treating a section of your spreadsheet as a lookup table. You will do this as we work side-by-side in the free-to-use software Google Sheets. By the end of this course, you will understand use cases for using vertical and horizontal lookup to extract data when data sets have categories configured with multiple levels. You will also be able to confidently apply VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP formulas to grab data in any spreadsheet software. Note: This course works best for learners who are based in the North America region. We’re currently working on providing the same experience in other regions....

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By Nathan P

May 12, 2023

This course did an okay job of explaining the LOOKUP functions, but the projects felt like plug-and-play rather than really understanding the process at work. Also, the formulas produced errors on my end, even after I double-checked and even triple-checked to make sure everything was correct.

By Chen-Wei T

Aug 12, 2023

Your long ass formula in the video: =if(vlookup(F2,F2:P55792,1,false)="Nintendo","Nintendo","Other Publisher") & " shipped " & vlookup("Nintendo",F2:P55792,5,false) & " millions units of " & vlookup(2,A2:P55792,2,false) was wrong! You missed the "a" in the last vlookup. You wasted my afternoon. Also, you did not say why you are writing this formula. Please revise this entire course.

By Dryw F

Oct 29, 2023

This course started out overly simplistic, taking 5 minutes to explain how to open a google sheet. There was a small amount of instruction that was helpful and at a good challenge level, with a reasonably complete explanation of how to enter a VLOOKUP formula. The project then jumped to an advanced formula without any explanation. The only direction was to copy the formula, which contained a lot of elements that were never explained. I was making some kind of error in copying the formula, but I wasn't able to correct it because I was just copying with no comprehension of what I was doing. I dropped the course and will look for a different way to learn the content.

By Jacob N I

Nov 3, 2020

Course content had some insufficiency or errors. It needs to be improved, especially the 4th demo video involving VLOOKUP application. The quiz also needs to be improved, in terms of clarity of the questions and ambiguity of the choices.

By Christopher J

May 2, 2024

The class does not match what I'm seeing on my screen, and in the first lesson, the extremely long function in cell T2 does not work. I've tried over and over to get it to work and no luck.

By Muhammad A K

Sep 5, 2021

It's easily to understanding about VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP but get more project with simple data to get more understanding with this skill.


Mar 13, 2023


By zenaida a

Nov 15, 2020

Recommended course for everyone. Very useful.

By Belinda N

Jun 18, 2022

Very informative and implementable.

By Sonal P

Apr 20, 2022

overall great experience...

By Ana L

Apr 4, 2021


By Kristen A

Mar 23, 2023

The project could be more in-depth and cover troubleshooting mistakes/error messages. The instructor was very engaging.

By Siddharth A

May 8, 2024

Good explanation of "What the function is" but not "How its applied" and used, also its we are just told to directly copy paste the formula, but the formula given for the vlookup is wrong in the video...

By Syed M R A S

Apr 17, 2024

Not working properly