E-Commerce Payments Using Stripe and NodeJS

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In this Guided Project, you will:

Understand how to use the Stripe API documentation.

Use NodeJS to create a server and make API requests to Stripe for payments.

Customize the front-end (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) to make the user experience better.

Clock1 hour
CloudNo download needed
VideoSplit-screen video
Comment DotsEnglish
LaptopDesktop only

In this 1-hour long project-based course, you will learn how to create a website which takes online payments using Stripe. You will use NodeJS to create the back-end of the website, and HTML, CSS and JavaScript for the front-end. You will customise the website and add buttons to allow users to toggle quantity. Throughout the course you will use VS Code, and will learn important ways to think about taking online payments (such as security, testing and design). This course is for anyone with basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills.

Skills you will develop

  • Node.Js
  • E-Commerce
  • Html
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CCS)

Learn step-by-step

In a video that plays in a split-screen with your work area, your instructor will walk you through these steps:

  1. Signing up for Stripe API and using the documentation

  2. Taking a payment using NodeJS

  3. Customising the website using HTML and CSS

  4. Adding a quantity input (sending data from the front-end to the back-end)

  5. Adding buttons to change the quantity

  6. Enhancing the user-experience

How Guided Projects work

Your workspace is a cloud desktop right in your browser, no download required

In a split-screen video, your instructor guides you step-by-step

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