10 High-Paying Jobs in Florida

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Explore some of the highest paying jobs in Florida, including the average salaries and qualifications needed if you are seeking high salary Florida employment.

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Known for its warm weather, theme parks, yearround sunshine, and beaches, Florida can be an ideal place to live and work. According to World Population Review, Florida employment opportunities are growing, thanks to the state having the fourth-largest economy in the country [1]. If you are interested in seeking or continuing a career in the Sunshine State, explore some of these high-paying jobs.

10 high-paying jobs in Florida 

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the highest-paying jobs in Florida are in the medical field [3]. However, the world of medicine is not the only option if you want to achieve a high salary. Other opportunities range from engineering positions to managerial roles in public relations or marketing.

Here are 10 high-salary positions in Florida along with their salaries, job outlooks (projected growth from 2021 to 2031), and requirements, according to the BLS.

1. Anesthesiologist 

Average annual US salary: $331,190 [2

Average annual Florida salary: $363,570 [3]

Job outlook: 1 percent [4]

Requirements: To become an anesthesiologist, a four-year degree is required with an emphasis on pre-med coursework, followed by four years of medical school and then a four-year anesthesiologist residency. A licensing exam is given by the American Board of Anesthesiology (ABA) should a candidate choose to be board certified.

Anesthesiologists are responsible for both putting patients to sleep before surgeries and patient care during the procedure, meeting with patients before their surgery to explain the procedure and answer any questions. They also work with patients who need pain management. Some anesthesiologists have a private practice, helping patients with chronic pain such as migraines and back pain. 

The largest number of anesthesiologists work in southern Florida, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach. Their jobs are primarily in physicians' offices and hospital settings, where patients are put to sleep during surgeries and procedures.

2. Cardiologist

Average annual US salary: $353,970 [2]

Average annual Florida salary: $359,420 [3]

Job outlook: 3 percent [4]

Requirements: Cardiologists are medical doctors (MDs). The typical path to becoming a cardiologist is to complete a four-year undergraduate degree, four years of medical school, three years in a residency program, and three years in a fellowship program. Cardiologists can also gain board certification in sub-specialities.

The primary function of a cardiologist is to diagnose and treat heart disease. They perform exams, order tests, and treat heart and vascular problems. A cardiologist may specialize in specific heart and vascular diseases such as sports cardiology, clinical cardiology, cardio-oncologist, and cardiac imaging specialist.

Many cardiologists work in physician offices and hospitals, but they may also work in outpatient centers and universities.

3. Emergency medicine physician

Average annual US salary: $310,640 [2]

Average annual Florida salary: $313,590 [3]

Job outlook: 3 percent [4]

Requirements:  The typical path to becoming an emergency medicine physician is to complete a four-year undergraduate degree, four years of medical school, and a minimum of three to four years in residency.

Emergency medicine physicians can work in hospitals or trauma centers,treating patients who need immediate medical care. They are often the first line of treatment during emergency medical situations, stabilizing the patient and determining the next steps for treatment. Emergency medicine physicians work in a fast-paced environment, regularly handling traumas or acute illness.

4. Airline pilot, copilot, and flight engineer

Average annual US salary: $202,180 [5]

Average annual Florida salary: $232,600 [3]

Job outlook: 6 percent [6]

Requirements: Airline pilots should hold a bachelor’s degree and have trained with an FAA-certified flight instructor or flight school.

Airline pilots and copilots usually share flying duties, transporting passengers for airlines or cargo for delivery companies. Flight engineers are responsible for making sure the plane is ready to fly, including inspecting and operating the mechanical systems for safety and functionality. They can find jobs in air transportation, the federal government, and support activities for transportation.

5. Physicist

Average annual US salary: $152,430 [7]

Average annual Florida salary: $162,600 [3]

Job outlook: 8 percent [8]

Requirements: To become a physicist, you'll generally need a PhD for jobs in research and academia. Positions with the federal government typically require a bachelor’s degree in physics.

Physicists work in scientific research, college and universities, and the federal government. Their responsibilities often include research on matter and energy, and they can work autonomously or on a team. When physicists work at universities, they frequently divide their time between teaching and doing research.

6. Marketing manager

Average annual US salary: $135,030 [9]

Average annual Florida salary: $150,760 per year [3]

Job outlook: 10 percent [10]

Requirements: Marketing managers typically need a bachelor's degree in business or a related field.

The duties and responsibilities of a marketing manager vary, depending on the employer. A marketing manager may oversee the management of a brand or department, and they can also plan and conduct marketing campaigns and oversee advertising budgets.

7. Computer and information systems manager

Average annual US salary:  $159,010 [11]

Average annual Florida salary: $146,310 [3]

Job outlook: 16 percent [11]

Requirements:   A bachelor’s degree in computer or information science is typically the minimum education requirement. Some employers may require a graduate degree. Certifications and certificate programs can enhance your resume and show prospective employers your additional skills.

Depending on the size of the company and job title, computer and information managers have varying degrees of responsibility. In this position, you may oversee a company’s hardware system or focus on data processing. Often, the job requires working with others on the company’s network.

8. Architectural and engineering manager

Average annual US salary: $152,350 [12]

Average annual Florida salary: $146,290 [3]

Job outlook: 2 percent [12]

Requirements: Architectural and engineering manager positions typically require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. Math skills, such as calculus, are necessary.

Architectural and engineering managers perform a variety of tasks in the architectural and engineering fields, including the oversight of projects, hiring and supervising staff, and preparing budgets. They may also oversee quality assurance and maintenance for construction projects.

9. Public relations manager

Average annual US salary: $125,780 [13]

Average annual Florida salary: $108,210 [3]

Job outlook: 8 percent [14]

Requirements: A public relations manager typically needs a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in public relations, journalism, or communications. Some employers prefer candidates with a master’s degree.

Public relations managers work to develop and maintain the image of a company or organization. They may write press releases, devise advertising programs, and establish media relationships.

10. Fundraising manager

Average annual US salary: $100,810 [13]

Average annual Florida salary: $112,580 [3]

Job outlook: 8 percent [14]

Requirements: A fundraising manager usually requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in communications or business. Candidates with a master’s degree in fundraising or nonprofit management might have a stronger advantage with employment. Work experience is also necessary.

The role of a fundraising manager is to raise funding support for an organization. They can coordinate events and campaigns and provide outreach to donors.

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