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A career path can be defined as a series of jobs that lead you closer to your career goals and vision for life. Define your career path, explore your career potential, and begin charting a career path that aligns with your goals with these resources.

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A career path can be defined as a series of jobs that lead you closer to your career goals and vision for life. Some people follow a linear path through one field, advancing into roles with more responsibilities and higher salaries. Others shift companies, industries, or roles more frequently, and accumulate experience in a variety of roles.

You might be wondering what you can do to steer your career in the direction you desire. Should you stick to a linear path and seek advancement in a single field, or should you take on diverse roles and explore multiple paths? 

Both approaches can lead to fulfillment when you clarify your vision for the future. A linear career path could mean gaining deeper understanding of a field and becoming a leader or specialist, while a multi-directional career path could mean accumulating diverse knowledge and being able to adapt quickly to an ever-changing professional landscape.

We have resources and articles for every step along your unique career path, including:

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