Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati



  • The B.Sc. (Honours) in Data Science and AI degree comprises a total of 299 credits, which includes fundamental and industry-oriented courses, an industry internship or term project, and a capstone project.
  • The mandatory capstone project spans three trimesters in the final year.
  • The credit load per trimester ranges from a minimum of 0 to a maximum of 40 credits.
  • The curriculum structure and subjects can be found here.

Key features

  • The degree’s course structure is tailored to accommodate busy professionals or students pursuing two degrees simultaneously.
  • Each course, excluding the capstone project, spans 12 weeks and the programme requires about 18-20 hours of student effort per week.
  • Dive into 36 hours of learning with engaging videos, insightful case studies, hands-on projects and live lectures by renowned faculty and industry experts.
  • Enhance your analytical and problem-solving skills through interactive group discussions, industry case studies, and group assignments.
  • Options for campus visits and internships will also be available.
  • Continuous Assessments throughout the trimester will consist of practice assignments, graded assignments, quizzes and term projects.
  • Degree courses will have lectures from accomplished industry professionals helping you develop a well-rounded outlook of the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence industry.
  • You will also get invited to exclusive virtual sessions- The ChAI talk series featuring eminent international researchers and professionals from the fields of Data Science & AI. These sessions are organized by the Mehta Family School of Data Science & Artificial Intelligence of IIT Guwahati.

Specialise in cutting-edge topics This online degree programme offers a wide range of beginner and advanced courses, covering both foundational and advanced topics in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. You will have the opportunity to specialise in cutting-edge subjects while staying informed about the latest developments. Develop proficiency in handling and manipulating large datasets with core courses on Data Modelling and Visualization, Data Mining and Warehousing, Deep Learning Essentials, and Big Data Analytics. You will also be able to apply your theoretical expertise to capstone and term projects to gain practical exposure.

Internship or Term Projects:

  • Internships can be completed in online or offline mode, while projects will be online only. Students may visit the campus during project or internship work.
  • Internships or Projects can be done in collaboration with tech companies or corporates.
  • Internships can begin from the third year onwards, after completing courses up to the 6th trimester.
  • Internships/term projects have a total of 18 credits. Students must complete these 18 credits in the form of internships or term projects in three parts, worth 6 credits each.
  • Projects and internships can be pursued alongside regular trimester courses.

Capstone Project Gain hands-on experience with real-world projects, such as building NLP models, developing product recommendation systems, and designing machine translation solutions, which prepare you for diverse career paths. Enhance your data science expertise while collaborating with peers and researchers on innovative data analysis and statistics projects.

  • Capstone projects can begin only in the fourth year, after completing all courses up to the 9th trimester.
  • The total credits for capstone projects is 36 and students can undertake a single project or multiple small projects
  • Both internships/term projects and capstone projects are mandatory for a B.Sc. (Hons.) degree

Supplementary examination: No supplementary examinations will be provided. Candidates who fail a course will need to register for the course again and participate in the continuous assessments OR register only for the continuous assessments in that particular course, with optional attendance for the online classes and live sessions.

Programming Languages, Tools, Libraries & Repositories

StatsmodelsApache SparkAWSHugging Face (Gen AI Tool)
OpenCVApache AirflowExcelXAMPP
Rest-apiMapReduceTensorFlowJAVA Virtual Machine
FlaskSQLKerasGNU Octave
HerokuKafkaMySQLJupyter Notebook
ShinyNumPyPowerBICUDA toolkit
Apache HBASENLTKR StudioGitHub
SqoopSeabornGCC (GNU Compiler Collection)Bitbucket
HiveScikitVisual Studio CodeLatex Documentation
FlumeKubernetesUbuntu OSGCP
PySparkDockerWindows OSC/C++

Programme length:

  • This 4-year bachelor’s programme follows a trimester-based system and offers you the flexibility to complete the programme in up to 8 years, if needed.
  • Each term includes a minimum of 12 weeks of instruction.
  • Terms are separated by approximately 2 weeks.
  • Each trimester features 4 courses, with the exception of the final year’s trimesters.
  • Expect to dedicate an average of 18-20 hours per week to this programme.
  • You can choose the early exit option at the end of each year:

    • First year: Advanced Certificate in Data Science and AI with 80 credits.
    • Second year: Diploma in Data Science and AI with 159 credits.
    • Third year: B.Sc. in Data Science and AI courses with 235 credits.
    • Fourth year: B.Sc. (Hons.) in Data Science and AI with 299 credits.

Multiple early exit options:

Although the programme’s entry point is the same for all students, you may choose to exit at different stages by earning the corresponding certificate upon successful completion of the required coursework. The following multiple early exit options will be available to students:

CertificateCourse work requirementNormal durationMax. duration
Advanced Certificate in Data Science and AIAll first year coursesOne yearTwo years
Diploma in Data Science and AIAll first & second year coursesTwo yearFour years
B.Sc. Degree in Data Science and AIAll first, second & third year coursesThree yearSix years
B.Sc. (Honours) Degree in Data Science and AIAll courses from all four yearsFour yearEight years

Rejoin when you’re ready:

Students who exit the programme after completing a Certificate, Diploma, or B.Sc can rejoin at the appropriate stage after a one-year gap.

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  • Using the mobile app, learners can:
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  • View text transcripts of lecture videos
  • Take notes directly in the app
  • Set reminder alerts to help you make progress

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Applications for September 2024 batch are now open. Deadline to submit your application is May 20, 2024. Classes will start on September 2, 2024.

Please note: Application fee of INR 500 will be chargable to all applicants.

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