Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

Classes start September 2024

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Career outcomes

This programme is meticulously designed to prepare students to meet the demands of the industry. Upon completion, you will be well-equipped with essential qualifications, skills, and resources to pursue various roles in the technology sector.

The programme opens up diverse career opportunities in computational and mathematical roles across various industries, including business, finance, education, medicine, engineering, and science. Engaging in hands-on projects exposes you to cutting-edge industry developments, ensuring you’re ready to tackle real-world challenges.

With this degree, you will be prepared to pursue roles such as:

  • Data Scientist: Apply statistical analysis and machine learning techniques to derive insights from large datasets and make data-driven decisions.
  • Machine Learning Engineer: Develop and deploy machine learning models and algorithms to automate processes and enable predictive capabilities.
  • Data Analyst: Collect, analyse, and interpret data to identify trends, patterns, and insights that can drive business strategies and decision-making.
  • AI Engineer: Design and develop artificial intelligence systems, including natural language processing, computer vision, and deep learning applications.
  • Business Intelligence Analyst: Create and maintain business intelligence solutions, including data visualisation and reporting tools, to support decision-making processes within organisations.
  • Data Engineer: Build and maintain data infrastructure and pipelines, ensuring efficient and secure data storage, integration, and retrieval.
  • Big Data Engineer: Manage and process large volumes of structured and unstructured data using distributed computing frameworks like Hadoop and Spark.
  • AI Research Scientist: Conduct research and develop innovative algorithms and models to advance the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Data Architect: Design the overall structure and organisation of data systems to ensure efficient data storage, retrieval, and integration across different platforms and technologies.
  • Data Consultant: Provide expert advice and guidance to organisations on data-related strategies, technologies, and best practices to optimise their data-driven initiatives.

When you graduate, you’ll be able to:

  • Analyse and interpret complex data sets as a data scientist to make informed data-driven decisions.
  • Develop predictive models as a machine-learning engineer and make accurate predictions.
  • Master the creation and deployment of data-driven visualisations as a business intelligence analyst to communicate insights effectively.
  • Employ data manipulation and database management techniques as a data engineer for efficient storage and retrieval of information.
  • Develop natural language processing and computer vision models as an AI Engineer.
  • Work efficiently as a research scientist in multidisciplinary teams to solve complex data-driven problems.

Join IIT Guwahati’s alumni network

Your journey with IIT Guwahati’s B.Sc. (Hons) in Data Science and AI doesn’t end with graduation. You will join a dynamic community of over 20,000 global technology leaders, business pioneers, researchers, and innovators, unlocking countless networking and career growth opportunities. As an IIT Guwahati graduate, you will have exclusive access to the Student Alumni Interaction Linkage (SAIL), a voluntary cell operated by the students.

Career Services

As an IIT Guwahati graduate, you can interact under the aegis of SAIL and:

  • Get the support you need to build your profile and excel in interviews
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses, and set career goals through 1:1 career-counselling sessions with your peers.
  • Get hands-on interview preparation support, including resume reviews, mock interviews and group discussions with hiring managers.
  • Develop professional skills and get hands-on training through interactive workshops led by industry veterans.
  • Engage with experienced IIT Guwahati faculty to acquire in-demand skills to enhance your career prospects.
  • Learn effective networking strategies and job search techniques.

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  • With this degree programme, you also get to be a part of Coursera Hiring Solutions.
  • A skills-based recruitment service that matches industry-trained, job-ready talent with companies filling entry-level digital roles.
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  • Explore in-demand roles across various industries.

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Applications for September 2024 batch are now closed. Classes will start on September 2, 2024.

Please note: Application fee of INR 500 will be chargable to all applicants.

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