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Master of Science in Data Science

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Master of Science in Data Science

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Offered by Ball State University

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Degree admission is entirely performance-based

$476 per credit

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Break into a high-demand career from a top provider of affordable online degrees

From graduating with this degree, you’ll not only gain strong foundations in math, computer science, and statistics but you’ll also experience high-impact practices in big data that you can apply immediately in your current career. The skills you’ll develop are the same ones that are in high demand across the nation:

Programming and Statistical Analysis Languages:
Mastery of Python, R, and SAS, which are vital for data manipulation, statistical analysis, and machine learning applications
Machine Learning and Predictive Modelling
Proficiency in using advanced statistical techniques, algorithms, and predictive models to make data-driven decisions
Competency in SQL for managing, querying, and manipulating databases
Data Analysis and Data Mining
Skilled in performing exploratory data analysis, extracting meaningful insights from data sets, and using data mining techniques for further knowledge discovery
Big Data Technologies
Familiarity with big data platforms and tools, such as Apache Hadoop, for processing and analyzing large data sets
Big Data and Data Management
Understanding of big data concepts and the ability to handle, clean, and organize large volumes of data for further analysis

Admissions Information

Enrollment is now open for Fall 2024!

  • Classes begin: Aug 19, 2024
  • Enrollment closes: Aug 25, 2024

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