10 BSc Computer Science Jobs for Freshers

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Explore potential job opportunities for BSc computer science freshers, including requirements, average salary, and how to determine if it might be a good fit.

[Featured Image] A data scientist works on his computer in an office setting after gaining one of the many available BSc Computer Science jobs for freshers.

Earning your Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in computer science is an exciting first step towards starting your career. Computer science will help you qualify for many opportunities depending on your skills and interests. 

Overview of BSc computer science degrees

BSc computer science degrees cover many important subjects that help graduates fill high-demand positions. While some freshers may choose to continue their studies and go on to earn a master's degree or PhD, a BSc in computer science will provide you with the necessary skills to be job-ready immediately after graduating. Computer science, mathematics, computer programming, and data analytics courses are all part of a typical BSc computer science curriculum, so there are many fields freshers can choose to enter and specialise in. 

10 BSc computer science jobs for freshers

This list of 10 computer science positions will introduce you to some popular options freshers have for beginning their careers. Though options aren’t limited to this list, these are career choices that computer science freshers will have the necessary skills to excel in and give you an idea of what you can anticipate earning. 

*All salary data sourced from Jobted India as of April 2024.

1. Data scientist

Average entry-level salary: ₹3,64,500 [1]

As a data scientist, you are responsible for gathering and cleaning large volumes of data to design predictive models and algorithms that allow companies to make better decisions. Common computer programming languages in the data science community include Python and R. SQL, which are valuable skills for sorting through information quickly and performing various analyses.

This role might be a good fit if: You are analytically minded and enjoy finding complex solutions with data.

2. Software developer

Average entry-level salary: ₹2,04,300 [2

As a software developer, you will design and create programs for computers and mobile devices. When entering this field, you can choose between application software development, where you design applications, and system software development, where you build science—and business-related solutions. Expert-level understanding of at least one programming language is necessary for this role.

This role might be a good fit if: You enjoy computer programming and designing systems to help solve problems. 

3. Web developer

Average entry-level salary: ₹1,17,500 [3

As a web developer, you will design and maintain websites. If you are considering a career as a web developer, there are three areas in which you can choose: front-end, back-end, or full-stack. Front-end developers work on the interface that website users interact directly with when they are on the site. Back-end developers are more focused on the structure of sites and ensuring they operate efficiently. Full-stack developers perform a blend of both front-end and back-end responsibilities. 

This role might be a good fit if: You enjoy using your technical skills creatively and learning new tools to keep up with the latest technologies.

4. UI/UX designer

Average entry-level salary: ₹2,51,700 [4]

As a UI (user interface) or UX (user experience) designer, you will optimise products to satisfy customer needs and wants best. Companies in a variety of tech fields need UI and UX designers. Whether building software or applications, products must be explicitly designed for the user. This job entails a lot of research and analysis to gather critical insights. 

This role might be a good fit if: You possess analytical and creative abilities to develop products optimised for an ideal user experience. 

5. Big data analyst

Average entry-level salary: ₹2,53,400 [5]

You will help your organisation manage and analyse data as a data analyst. As more data continues to be generated, you may decide to specialise in big data analytics. As a big data analyst, you would manage massive amounts of data and then analyse and report insights. These insights are valuable to a company's success because they allow professionals to make informed business decisions and better understand the market. 

This role might be a good fit if: You are an analytical thinker and enjoy using numbers to deliver actionable insights for companies to make sound decisions. 

6. Network engineer

Average entry-level salary: ₹1,65,000 [6]

As a network engineer, you are responsible for the design and implementation of computer networks in addition to monitoring and troubleshooting system issues. Security is another important aspect of working as a network engineer. Network engineers install various security systems, such as firewalls and antivirus software, to protect their companies from security breaches. 

This role might be a good fit if: You can learn new technologies quickly and follow complex processes.

7. Game designer

Average entry-level salary: ₹1,83,400 [7]

As a game designer, you will design and develop many different aspects of video games, from the mechanics to narration and character development. For freshers passionate about video games, a career as a game designer can be a fun way to make a living. It’s a great way to challenge creativity and build a fun product people enjoy using. It will require strong programming skills in addition to industry knowledge. 

This role might be a good fit if: You are creative, enjoy video games, possess strong programming abilities, and work well in collaborative environments.

8. IT consultant

Average entry-level salary: ₹3,87,600 [8]

As an IT consultant, you will use your knowledge to help businesses implement new IT systems and build upon current processes. IT consultants can work for an IT consultancy firm or as independent contractors. For freshers, joining a firm can help them get work experience and learn more about the industry before deciding to work independently.

This role might be a good fit if: You are interested in working with various businesses rather than with the same company daily.

9. Systems architect

Average entry-level salary: ₹3,81,400 [9]

As a systems architect, you are responsible for configuring, maintaining, and operating computer and network systems. Based on a company's specific needs and desired outcomes, systems architects design systems optimised to their unique requirements. Systems architects must stay on top of the latest trends to ensure their systems are as efficient and functional as possible. 

This role might be a good fit if: You possess strong analytical, conceptual, and problem-solving skills that will allow you to build complex systems.

10. Software tester

Average entry-level salary: ₹1,75,000 [10]

As a software developer, you will design scenarios that test software usability. After tests, software testers create reports detailing the findings so the software developers can make necessary adjustments or improvements. You'll also communicate with users to identify any bugs or inefficiencies. 

This role might be a good fit if: You have a strong understanding of software systems and analytical and problem-solving skills to identify issues efficiently.

Next steps

To learn more about such positions and determine the right career path for you, many highly rated courses on Coursera will introduce you to computer science-related fields. For example, you can earn a Google UX Design Professional Certificate, where you can develop your own UX portfolio. If data science interests you, the University of Michigan’s Applied Data Science with Python course will introduce you to many popular data science toolkits. 

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