What Is the MCA Salary in India?

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Learn more about MCA degrees, including what they are and how much you can earn if you have one. What is the salary for an MCA degree holder in India? Explore it here.

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Are you trying to decide whether or not to get a Master of Computer Application (MCA)? Although the decision-making process can be nerve-racking, learning as much as possible about the field can help you make an informed choice. This guide can help by delving into what this degree is, why you might pursue it, and how it can boost your earnings.

What is an MCA?

A Master of Computer Application (MCA) is a postgraduate degree programme that typically takes two years to complete. It gives you theoretical and practical knowledge and prepares you for a high-level job in technology. That includes IT, user experience (UX), software, machine learning, application development, programming, and technical writing.

As you will see, having an MCA helps you stand out in the workforce, increases your initial earnings when you enter the workforce, and exponentially increases your earning potential throughout your career.

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Benefits of having an MCA

Strong earning power is one of the benefits of getting an MCA. The annual wages for an MCA graduate in India average ₹10 lakhs, according to November 2023 data from PayScale [1]. 

In addition to high earning potential, this degree offers the opportunity to gain a broad knowledge of computer applications. During your MCA programme, you’ll train in and learn about IT, software engineering, networking, hardware computer programming, operating systems, web design, applications, and much more.

This degree programme may also open the door to various high-paying jobs in the tech field. Depending on which career path you’d prefer to start, you can tailor your learning around building those skills and enhancing your knowledge of that area while creating a broad understanding of the overall industry.

Factors that impact MCA salary in India

The average wage offers an insight into what you can expect. However, many other factors contribute to the actual earnings you will earn. Let’s explore those considerations to understand how much you could make annually. 

MCA jobs

Many jobs you can get after getting an MCA offer significant salaries. Some popular careers you may pursue after getting an MCA and the average wages of each include:

Salary information based on data from Glassdoor India (November 2023)

Mobile application developer

Average salary (IN): ₹6,84,736

In this role, you'll work with user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) standards on frameworks such as Android and iOS. You will interact with clients and other teams to code, test, debug, and monitor applications and contribute to project development and programming.

Project manager

Average annual salary (IN): ₹18,00,000

You'll take on many tasks in this role, from budget creation and asset allocation to executing and coordinating projects. You’ll negotiate with stakeholders and work with consultants to oversee and participate in all aspects of the project lifecycle. 

Database administrator

Average annual salary (IN): ₹21,84,879 

Computer applications offer an excellent window into database administration. As a database administrator, you'll have the skills to work in private or public companies, oversee data storage and management, create processes to maintain data quality, and architect database systems.

Hardware engineer

Average annual salary (IN): ₹9,30,870 

Hardware engineers work in various industries, including aerospace, manufacturing, and computer hardware. Although your responsibilities will vary depending on where you work, you might design prototypes and production layouts, work with various technologies, and improve processes for optimal efficiency.

Software consultant

Average annual salary (IN): ₹10,66,358 

Building a successful career as a consultant requires extensive expertise and credentials, both aided by getting an MCA degree and relevant experience. In this role, you'll lend your expertise to clients and customers to design, develop, build, maintain, and implement software. You could work with various industries, from health care to finance to the supply chain. 

Senior web designer

Average annual salary (IN): ₹7,67,988

A postgraduate degree and experience can lead to senior-level roles. As a web designer, you'll use programming languages and other elements to build websites and make them easy to navigate. You will also work with other team members, create content, and work with tools to design the style and layout of web pages.

Technical Consultant

Average annual salary (IN): ₹10,15,000

Helping organisations ensure their systems and processes run smoothly is what you might do as a technical consultant. You can leverage your expertise to help improve systems, resolve challenges, and implement solutions. You may work in-house or on a contractual basis. 

Business analyst

Average annual salary (IN): ₹9,55,000

This position has a broad scope and requires strong workplace skills like communication and critical thinking. It also requires technical skills, including programming and working with computer applications.

Work location

The role and industry you work in are only part of what determines your salary. Where you work can also make a significant impact on your bottom line. To illustrate the wage differences from location to location, we’ve created the table below, examining some typical roles MCA degree holders pursue after graduation in three areas. 

Salary information based on data from Glassdoor India (November 2023)

Mobile application developer₹6,25,856₹7,28,606₹12,21,234
Project manager₹16,65,000₹21,80,789₹16,12,281
Database administrator₹12,04,139₹40,09,839₹25,87,977
Hardware engineer₹5,88,912₹8,56,674₹7,59,850
Software consultant₹8,19,716₹13,56,777₹10,47,713
Senior web designer₹5,27,681₹6,30,552₹6,28,667
Technical Consultant₹10,46,863₹11,40,930₹9,89,159
Business analyst₹9,40,000₹9,28,500₹7,78,673


Getting an MCA makes you a prime candidate for jobs in the private sector, government jobs, and jobs at startups or big tech companies like Google, Microsoft, and IBM. Some notable employers and their average pay for MCA graduates include the following:

  • Tata Consultancy Services: ₹5,75,545 [2]

  • Infosys: ₹5,96,928 [3]

  • Ford Motor Company: ₹10,32,790  [4]

  • Life Insurance Corporation of India: ₹6,33,09 [5]

Next steps

If you consider things from an employer’s perspective, hiring an employee with comprehensive technical expertise and a complex skill set benefits the organisation. Completing an MCA degree programme can help you become a high-value prospect with specialised skills that may be in demand amongst employers, leading to diverse professional opportunities. 

Whether you’re still considering the field of computer applications or looking to build your skills, taking an online course can help you explore various subjects to decide on your path forward. For example, you could delve into data analysis with the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate or discover artificial intelligence with the Machine Learning Specialisation from DeepLearning.AI—two of many options you’ll find on Coursera.

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