React Developer Salary Insights: From Entry-Level to Senior Engineer

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This article explores the typical React developer salary in India. Salaries vary depending on experience and location. Read on to learn about occupational requirements and expected growth.

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What is a React developer?

A React developer is a front-end software developer. You’ll work with React's JavaScript library to build user interfaces (UI) and user experiences (UX). Other names for React developer roles include React.js or React JS developers. 

Primary responsibilities for React developers include designing, coding, and testing applications for web and mobile environments. If you are interested in web development and design, a React developer position could be an excellent fit. 

React developer job outlook 2024

React developers work in the computer and information technology industry. ReactJS is one of the most popular web frameworks, with companies like Facebook and Netflix relying on it to improve client-facing applications. Offering quick, simple, and scalable front-end development, ReactJS’s momentum is expected to continue, with hiring demand outpacing supply worldwide. Some of the most rapidly growing occupations in this field are software developers, quality assurance analysts, and testers. 

Average React developer salary in India

The average React developer base salary in India is ₹5,24,154  per year [1]. These added pay calculations could include profit sharing, bonuses, or commissions. 

React developer salaries by location: Highest-paying cities 

Hyderabad and Bangalore's tech hubs typically offer the most employment options and the highest annual React developer salaries. Mumbai and New Delhi are also good spots for React developers' salaries, which are greater than those in other cities.

Career trajectory for React developers

Many React developers pursue degrees in computer science or a related field. You might pursue a Bachelor of Science in computer science as an aspiring React developer. Graduate-level education can also prepare you and strengthen your resume. However, employers may also accept experienced workers and those with Professional Certificates in web development instead of a degree. The following sections outline the typical career path of a React developer from entry-level to senior engineer. 

*The following salaries are sourced from AmbitionBox (April 2024) [2].

Entry-level React developer salary and expectations

The average annual salary for someone with zero to one year of experience as a React developer is ₹5,40,000. Qualifications for entry-level React developers may include:

  • Basic knowledge of object-oriented programming languages like Java, Python, and C++

  • Familiarity with database concepts

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field or demonstrated technical ability

If you don’t yet qualify for an entry-level position, consider expanding your skill set and earning a certificate in one of the disciplines mentioned above, such as Object-Oriented Programming Concepts.

Mid-level React developer salary and expectations

The average annual salary for someone with four to five years of experience as a React developer is ₹8,20,000. Qualifications for mid-level React developers may include:

  • A few years of experience in front-end web development

  • Strong understanding of UX and design principles

  • Experience working on an Agile team with other engineers

  • Ability to write modern and maintainable code

Senior React developer salary and expectations

The average yearly salary for a React developer with six to seven years of experience is ₹8,60,000. Qualifications for senior React developers may include:

  • Familiarity with data flows and component-driven architectures

  • Experience building responsive, scalable websites and applications

  • Ability to troubleshoot and report issues for short and long-term resolution

  • Capable of translating non-technical business requirements into software designs

Although React developers typically focus on front-end development, many senior-level engineers are full-stack developers. Full-stack developers can work on an application's front and back end or server side. The Full-Stack Web Development with React Specialisation on Coursera can help you gain important technical skills to become a full-stack developer.

How to obtain a competitive React developer salary

Although React developer salaries can vary based on location and experience, staying current on industry trends can help make you a more competitive candidate. YouTube channels, social media, and blogs created by industry experts can be excellent resources for job seekers to identify the trending skills and technologies employers value highly.  You can also follow these tips to enhance your resume and obtain the compensation you deserve:

1. Build a portfolio: React is an open-source JavaScript library, meaning anyone can use it for free. Developers can independently use several open-source tools to create projects, applications, and websites. To become a React developer, consider highlighting your expertise by adding some of your best work to a portfolio. Then, you can present a tangible demonstration of your skills and resume.

2. Earn a Professional Certificate: You can increase your competitiveness while gaining additional expertise with Professional Certificates. One example of a relevant course for a React developer is Google’s UX Design Certificate. Getting experience in HTML, JavaScript, Rest APIs, Graph QL, and CSS-in-JS libraries can also make it easier to get a job

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