Web Developer Salary: 2024 Guide

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Web development is a high-demand skill in today’s workplace. Learn more about a web developer's role, average income, and what it takes to get a web development job to decide if this career matches you.

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Web developers design and create websites. They often oversee a site’s performance, maintenance, and capacity.

Web developer responsibilities can include:

  • Creating site content

  • Designing the look and feel, or user interface (UI), of a site

  • Creating a smooth and intuitive user experience (UX)

  • Building and coding the structure of a site 

  • Testing site functionalities 

There are three types of web developers: front-end, back-end, and full-stack. Back-end developers create and code a website's foundational structure and functionality, while front-end developers design the look and feel of the website visitors' experience. Full-stack developers combine these skill sets to work on any aspect of a website’s design and functionality. 

Understanding what you can expect to earn through this dynamic career may help you determine if a web development career is right for you.  

How much do web developers make?

According to Glassdoor, the average annual pay for web developers in India is ₹5,16,000 [1]. This salary is above the average pay for workers, which ranges from ₹12,000 to almost ₹72,000 per month [2]. However, the numbers don't tell the complete story. Many factors can influence salaries, such as skill set, location, cost of living, and experience level. 

Factors Affecting Web Developer Salary

Like in many professions, new web developers usually make less than experienced professionals, while those with additional certifications or education will make more. You can take many steps to build knowledge and expertise and earn the desired salary.


Web developers must know how to code. Programming languages such as HTML, JavaScript, Java, or CSS are common depending on whether you are doing front-end or back-end development. You can build your programming knowledge and display your expertise with professional certificates. You don’t necessarily need a bachelor’s degree to work as a web developer, but those with a post-secondary degree tend to earn higher salaries. Also, some companies may look for web developers with degrees in specific fields, such as computer science or programming.

Bachelor’s degrees can also position web developers to work in managerial roles and earn additional income. For example, according to Glassdoor, computer and information system managers earn an annual average salary of ₹6,00,000 [2].

For many who are starting to look for a web development job, learning the basics is an important step. Online Specialisation courses can begin the educational journey. The University of Michigan offers Web Design for Everybody: Basics of Web Development & Coding Specialisation, while Johns Hopkins University provides HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for Web Developers


Web developers can qualify for more specialised jobs—and earn better salaries—by mastering specific skills used in complex online projects. These skills are often ever-changing, and successful web developers consider lifelong learning an important part of their career path. 

Job descriptions often include the specific skills that employers seek. Here is a list of skills that could benefit your salary:

  • Backbone.js 

  • Angular 

  • Node.js

  • React

  • Java

Many online courses help you build skills and earn professional certificates, such as IBM’s Full Stack Cloud Developer Professional Certificate and the Google UX Design Professional Certificate.

Level of experience

As a web developer, every project is an opportunity to grow your portfolio and gain experience. In time, this can result in higher pay. Glassdoor estimates the average monthly base pay for three main levels of expertise as follows [1]:

  • Junior web developer: ₹3,24,000 per year

  • Web developer: ₹5,16,000 per year

  • Senior web developer ₹12,00,000 per year

Type of position

As you gain expertise and experience as a web developer, your career path will likely lead you to new opportunities. Different positions held by web developers have different average salaries. For example:

  • PHP developer: ₹4,65,840 per year

  • Java developer: ₹5,13,220 per year

  • Front-end developer: ₹10,00,000 per year

  • Full-stack developer: ₹7,25,000 per year

  • Back-end developer: ₹7,86,024 per year

*All salary data is sourced from Glassdoor India as of March 2024. It reflects base salary and does not include additional compensation.

Company size

Some web developers in India are self-employed. They have the freedom to set their rates and select their projects. Still, others work as employees for companies of varying sizes and industries.

Sometimes, the smaller the company, the less it can pay its employees. Larger companies often have the means to offer bonuses, profit sharing, and commission on top of base salaries. They may also provide additional benefits to compete for the best web developers in today’s marketplace. 

Location and salary

Due to the variation in cost of living and industry hubs, salaries vary by city. Consider the average web developer salaries in the following cities:

  • Mumbai: ₹4,09,396 per year

  • Delhi: ₹14,91,037 per year

  • Bangalore: ₹5,20,745 per year

  • Kolkata: ₹3,66,800 per year

  • Chennai: ₹11,86,996 per year

  • Hyderabad: ₹7,38,932 per year

  • Pune: ₹31,61,442 per year

*All salary data is sourced from Glassdoor India as of March 2024. It reflects base salary and does not include additional compensation.

Company and salary

Web developers can also expect variations in salary based on the company that’s hiring. For example, AmbitionBox reports the average annual salaries offered by the following companies for web developers in India as of March 2024 [4]:

  • TCS: ₹5,10,000 per year

  • Accenture: ₹4,70,000 per year

  • Indegene: ₹6,60,000 per year

  • RG Technosoutions: ₹2,30,000 per year

  • Freelancer.com: ₹4,00,000 per year

  • CodeClouds: ₹5,00,000 per year

  • Thomson Reuters: ₹5,00,000 per year

  • Infosys: ₹5,80,000 per year

  • Wipro: ₹4,90,000 per year

  • Affinity Express: ₹3,90,000 per year

Job title variations and salary

Just as the type of position can determine the salary of a web developer, so can a job title. Review the average salaries of the following job titles as an example, according to AmbitionBox as of March 2024 [4]:

  • UI developer: ₹6,30,000 per year

  • PHP developer: ₹3,70,000 per year

  • Senior developer: ₹14,80,000 per year

  • Java developer: ₹5,80,000 per year

  • Software developer: ₹8,40,000 per year

  • Android developer: ₹5,70,000 per year

  • Salesforce developer: ₹6,90,000 per year

  • Front-end developer: ₹6,00,000 per year

  • Application developer: ₹11,10,000 per year

Get started in web development

If you’re ready to embark on a career as a web developer, you’ll want to start mastering the skills employers and clients look for. Many professionals begin their education with the help of online courses. Meta offers Professional Certificates for both front-end and back-end web development. Learn key technical skills and relevant programming systems, build a portfolio, and gain exclusive access to the Meta Career Programs Job Board on completion.

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