Ashish Dikshit

Professor, Center Head and HOD, Lakshmish Academy-SJ & Bangalore


I am Ashish Dikshit , founder of Lakshmish Academy in 2001 with the belief of providing high quality in depth courses on advanced mathematics, physics & technology, available at an affordable price. We strive to serve & change lives by our teaching. We have a bunch of Instructors who are super specialized & doctorate (PHD) in mathematics, physics & data sciences to create specialized content for you. We have experience in teaching our subjects for over 2 decades now. We have helped hundreds of people become champions in the subjects and enabled them to change their lives. Our graduates work at companies like Google, Cisco, and Facebook and a few junior students at Ivy League. The whole effort is for the betterment of students and knowledge sharing. We have been hired to impart the best mathematics, science technical training's by the top notch universities & also companies like GE, Cisco, HP, J P Morgan Chase and Flipkart. We have now focused our time on bringing our classroom teaching experience to an online environment. Join us in this amazing adventure!