Bonnie Ram

Guest Senior Researcher


Bonnie Ram is a strategic analyst with 30 years of experience in planning and directing multidisciplinary projects relating to ecology, energy, and society. Since 2001, she has focused on wind power – working with the national and state governments in Washington, D.C. Some highlights include; co-managed the first national vision document on wind energy, “20% Wind by 2030, ”spearheaded regulatory changes that reduced the consent timeline for offshore wind projects in the U.S., co-organized the first Bat and Wind Energy Cooperative for research, and co-authored the first U.S offshore wind strategy (2011). Since 2010, she started her own consulting practice and is Associate Director of the Center for Carbon-free Power Integration at the University of Delaware. In 2014, Bonnie was invited as a Guest Scholar to the Danish Technical University (DTU) Wind Energy Department to explore issues related to wind energy and society in Denmark. She also leads a task on public engagement under the new European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) sub-programme on economic and social aspects of wind integration.