Charles Ivan Niswander II

Machine Learning Engineer and Python/C# Developer and IT Subject Matter Expert


Hello! My name's Charles Niswander. I've been interested in programming and computer science since I was very young. As an adult, I've developed full-stack software for both large companies as well as small outfits in multiple industries, in both C# and Python. I've developed course content for accredited certification programs in the areas of Networking, Cybersecurity, Operating System Development and Python. I've been heavily interested in AI and machine learning technologies, from both a conceptual and a technical or practical standpoint, since I was very young. I've authored course content for an accredited university's Master's degree program in the subjects of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. My main goal in developing educational content is to bring fresh talent into the field and get professionals and amateurs, young and old, interested in AI and Machine Learning technologies in particular, and IT and computer science in general. The more heads in the game, the faster the benefits of the next generation of software can be brought to all of humanity.