Chris Shockley

Rhyme Instructor


I am an R enthusiast, hiker, and amateur astronomer. My favorite hike is located in Mt. Rainier National Park, my favorite Deep Sky Object is Alberio, and my favorite R package is dplyr (since I use it everyday). I also have a dog named Coog (Lllasa Apso). I work as a Data Analyst/Financial Analyst for a Metals Co. located in Seattle, WA. I have been in my current position for 5 years. I work in SQL, R, R Shiny, QGIS, and Python. Because I have traveled the roads you are on I will prove to be an asset. I will add value to your programming repertoire and speed up your learning by steering you away from the potholes that so often plague the new to intermediate programmer/analyst. My projects are personable and fun. I will walk you through multiple examples and use cases. We will also get to know each other through the process. Take a Project and see for yourself the power of Coursera coupled with the Rhyme Interface.