Martina Cipolletti

Cross-disciplinary Designer and Qualified Relational Counsellor


Designer and Qualified Relational Counsellor, lifelong learner, her background includes artistic studies, architecture and holism. She works between Italy and UK in the CCI sector as designer facilitator, training young people who want to work in the CCI, particularly in the design and visual arts fields as well as seminars on the European Key Competences for Lifelong Learning. She is co-author of the publication “Talent Matching Fomentor Manual.[..]” of which she curated the storyboard and the facilitation related contents; and co-author of the curriculum of training adopted within the EU project “HIT”. In the years she has been gaining experiences as speaker in conferences, event host, copywriter, content creator and peer mentor alongside developing her personal business project of facilitation through creative practice. Recently she achieved the Professional Development Award for the CCI in Creative Practice and Entrepreneurship (Master Level).