I started the journey of learning data analysis about 3 years ago within several scholarships and training courses such as Spatial Data Science, Data Analyst Nanodegree, Data Foundation Nanodegree, Bertelsmann Data Science Scholarship, One Million Arab Coders Initiative, and many other training courses within various platforms where I found my passion in translating data into meaningful facts for businesses to help in making better business decisions by mastering several skills not only technical skills such as Excel, SQL, Python, R, Tableau, PowerBI, and ArcGIS but also other skills like statistical analysis, solving problems, making decisions and communicating the results, as well as, practical experience by working on real-world projects. I published my first course about Data Analysis to help interested people to begin their own journey of learning Data Analysis. As I still enthusiastically like to further advance in the field of Data Analysis, I'm looking forward to taking my career to the next level by upgrading to Machine Learning Engineer.