Prof. Philip D. Jaffé is the Director of the Centre for Children’s Rights Studies (CIDE) of the University of Geneva (Switzerland) and a Full Professor of Psychology. He is engaged in many research projects, most recently on a rights-based approach to monitoring mechanisms of institutions where children are deprived of liberty, children's participation in traditional justice systems, and exploring children's views on the way to and from school. His interests have touched on the prevalence of the child sexual abuse and of school bullying, children’s perceptions of their rights, child and youth policy. He is a licensed psychotherapist and a court appointed expert in many legal proceedings involving children. In 1994, he was the co-founder of the Swiss Society of Legal Psychology and a decade long first President. He was a member of the Council of Europe's group of experts that drafted the popular 2010 Guidelines on Child-Friendly Justice. Currently, he is a Board member of Pro Juventute, Switzerland's leading organization concerned with and intervening in favor of children and young people.