Vita Kadile


Dr Vita Kadile is an experienced higher education professional in the field of marketing and entrepreneurship and a Certified Business & Management Educator by Chartered Association of Business Schools in the UK. She is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) of Marketing and a Programme Director for MA Advertising & Marketing programme at Leeds University Business School. Since joining the University of Leeds, Vita has helped to redesign and enrich the Marketing Research module for postgraduate students, which she has been delivering for the past nine years. She has also established strong links with the UK Market Research Society as part of the module repositioning initiative. Her research interests focus on cognitive and behavioural entrepreneurship, business start-ups, international and strategic marketing, where Vita works closely with small businesses and start-up accelerators. She has published in leading international scholarly journals, contributed to books, industry reports, and has been awarded with an ‘Impact beyond Academia’ prize for her work. Over the last ten years she has been involved in various research projects across a range of industries and economies, including international retail and franchising, business establishment, exporting, entrepreneurial decision-making, competencies, and pedagogy. Prior to her academic career, Vita specialised in internal marketing, providing in-house training and development opportunities for tourism and hospitality sector employees. Her passion for professional training and education continues to evolve with her involvement in personalised training provision to growth-oriented businesses.