Sray Agarwal is a seasoned Data and Artificial Intelligence professional. As a leader, he represents Fractal at various ethical AI forums, promoting and championing the Responsible AI (RAI) framework at numerous esteemed international platforms. His role involves providing pre-sales support to clients worldwide and engaging in AI and RAI discussions that pave the way for end-to-end project delivery. Additionally, he mentors teams in emerging technologies like AI, RAI, and ML, and I serve as an instructor on Responsible AI through Coursera Technical Expertise and Innovation: An accomplished author with a book on Responsible AI, a Microsoft MVP award, and a record of expertise at the United Nations. Regularly speaks at international forums and contributes articles to respected magazines, including those related to Davos 2024. Impactful Focus: Established a Responsible AI practice to ensure that all AI projects prioritize human, societal, and environmental values. Successfully implemented Responsible AI in various forms for a diverse range of clients Teaching Philosophy: As an instructor, Sray emphasizes a practical, hands-on approach to learning. His objective is to provide learners with the skills and insights required to carry out effective digital transformation strategies and utilize AI to solve real-world issues.