Milovan Peric



Milovan Perić studied mechanical engineering in Sarajevo and obtained a Ph.D. at Imperial College in London in 1985 for his work on flow computation in complex ducts using body-fitted non-orthogonal grids. He moved then to the University of Erlangen in Germany, where he continued research in computational methods for fluid flow, working on extensions to moving grids, multigrid-methods, and parallel computing. He spent one year (1992) as a visiting scholar at Stanford University, working with late professor Joel H. Ferziger, with whom he published a book on computational methods for fluid dynamics (4th English and 2nd German edition with a new co-author, professor Robert L. Street from Stanford University). In 1993, he became professor of fluid dynamics at the former Institute of Shipbuilding in Hamburg (later merged into TU Hamburg), where he expanded his research activities to free-surface flows, fluid-structure interaction, cavitation, and simulation of turbulence. In 1997, he founded with co-workers a private company that developed and marketed a state-of-the-art CFD-code “Comet.” The company and the code were sold to CD-adapco in 2002, and professor Perić with most of his team, left the university to work on further software development. At CD-adapco, professor Perić held positions of director of software development, director of technology, and lastly vice president of technology. In 2014, he started an independent consulting business but continued to work mostly for CD-adapco and, after being taken over by Siemens in 2016, for the new owner. In 2016 he was elected member of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Duisburg-Essen (without employment), teaching applied CFD and supporting professor Bettar el Moctar at the Institute of Ship Technology, Ocean Engineering, and Transport Systems. He has published over 200 papers and several chapters in edited books as an author or co-author.