Teija Tekoniemi-Selkälä

School of Northern Well-Being and Services, Lapland University of Applied Sciences


Teija Tekoniemi-Selkälä, M.Sc. (Econ), works as a Senior Lecturer at the School of Northern Well-being and Services, Lapland University of Applied Sciences. She has 32 years of experience working both in the private and public sectors of the tourism industry. Besides teaching mainly subjects such as experience design, sustainable tourism, and innovative entrepreneurship as well as destination management, she is involved with curriculum design, and mentoring students in their Bachelor Thesis projects in the international English Degree Programme of Tourism. In addition, she acts as a tourism specialist in a variety of EU-funded projects, and since 2015 Teija Tekoniemi-Selkälä has also been a co-owner of a private kindergarten in Rovaniemi, Finland. ORCID iD: