Aiko de Vries



Dr. Aiko P.J. de Vries (1976) is a transplant-nephrologist at the Leiden University Medical Center. He combined a PhD on metabolic consequences of renal transplantation with a residency in internal medicine at the University Medical Center Groningen. He has special interest in the renal (transplant) consequences of metabolic syndrome, posttransplant diabetes, and cardiovascular imaging. He is a member of the EU Working Group on Posttransplant Diabetes and the ERA-EDTA working group on Diabesity. Presently, he is involved in international transplant trials and holds two innovation grants from the Dutch Kidney Foundation to develop metabolic imaging of kidney and to unravel novel pathways of posttransplant diabetes. Next to his research, he is the deputy director of the renal fellowship program and also coordinates the renal week in the half minor Clinical Immunology.