Félix Schmidt is working since 1987 in the field of applied waste management and technologies, in Switzerland and in numerous high, middle and low income countries. His experience includes the technical and institutional aspects of waste management like planning, cost calculation, tariff setting and cost recovery, information and training and PPP (Public Private Partnerships). He is coaching or piloting different projects of waste collection, transport and recycling optimization. He participated in the development, construction and operation of a large number of treatment facilities, including landfills, incinerators, recycling and composting plants. Moreover he participated in different rehabilitations of dumpsites and contaminated areas. He is member of the board of directors of CSD Engineers (, a Swiss company leader in the environmental and waste management fields, active in different countries. Since 45 years, CSD has been leader in the construction and rehabilitation of landfills in Switzerland. Félix Schmidt has been teaching at EPFL since 2001, in Sanitary Engineering, water and waste management, as well as in Environmental Impact Assessment. He developed activities in different countries of Europe (Albania, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, France, Germany, Kosovo, Luxemburg, Switzerland), Africa (Burkina, Egypt, Niger, Morocco, Sao Tomé, Senegal, Rwanda, Tunisia) and Latin America (Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru).