Irene van Staveren, PhD, is professor of pluralist development economics at the International Institute of Social Studies, of Erasmus University Rotterdam. She has been teaching introductory economics in a pluralist way and contextualising it for a wide variety of developed and developing countries for 18 years. Her PhD dissertation was awarded the Gunnar Myrdal Prize in 2000 and the book, The Values of Economics, has been used in courses in various countries. In 2015, she published a pluralist economics textbook, Economics after the Crisis and was asked by the Dutch branch of the global student movement Rethinking Economics to support and join the team. Professor van Staveren is also member of the Dutch think tank The Sustainable Finance Lab, engaging with the financial sector in the Netherlands and pushing for a more stable and sustainable financial sector. She also joined the core group of the Source network on policy action of the London-based New Economics Foundation. Irene van Staveren also likes rowing, running, tango dancing, drumming, reading, and hiking. And she is the proud mother of two children who are wonders of pluralism in their approach to life.