Kate Guastaferro

Assistant Research Professor


    Kate Guastaferro, Ph.D. is an Assistant Research Professor in the Center for Healthy Children, and an affiliate of the Child Maltreatment Solutions Network. Dr. Guastaferro’s program of research sits at the intersection of prevention science and innovative methods for intervention development, optimization, and evaluation. She is an expert in the multiphase optimization strategy (MOST), and has experience applying MOST to a variety of public health problems, including STI prevention among first year college students. Dr. Guastaferro received her PhD in Public Health from Georgia State University in 2016, and was the recipient of the Public Health Achievement Award recognizing her scholarship and academic success. She completed her undergraduate work at Boston University in 2008 and received her MPH from Georgia State in 2011. Kate’s vision is to integrate her substantive and methodological interests to develop, optimize, evaluate, and disseminate child maltreatment prevention programs that are effective, efficient, economical, and scalable.