Titti Mattsson

Professor of Law


Titti Mattsson is Professor in Public Law, specialising in Health law and Social welfare law at the Faculty of Law at Lund University. A theme of her research is the governance of welfare state issues from national as well as transnational perspectives with the outcome for the group and the individual in focus. Within this theme, her research addresses legal, social and ethical issues regarding various public-law activities, such as health and community care for children, disabled persons and the elderly. She holds the title of Docent in social law as well as in Social work. Mattsson has many years of extensive experience of interdisciplinary and comparative research collaborations with researchers in law, social work and medical ethics, nationally as well as internationally. Her publication list includes a variety of monographs, anthologies, book chapters and articles in international and national journals. She is the editor of the European Journal of Health Law. Other ongoing research-related activities include being Board member of the Swedish National Agency for Health and Care Analysis; the Swedish Medical Ethics Council (SMER); and the European University Institute. She regularly participates as an expert at the National Board for Medical and Social Evaluation and as an evaluator of research projects / research environments in the Nordic countries and the EU. During the years 2013-2018, she was a member of the Swedish Research Council's Scientific Council for Humanities and Social Sciences, and a member of/chairman of the review panel for philosophy, law, ethics and criminology.

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