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课程所涉不仅涵盖古典音乐如新古典主义、表现主义、民族主义等流派,也对爵士乐、摇滚乐与流行音乐在20世纪的风格情状投以深切关注;在将包括中国音乐在内的世界各国民族民间音乐纳入20世纪大背景予以研究探索之同时,关于大型综合艺术品例如歌剧、音乐剧、电影音乐的考察与分析,也设为专题,绝无偏废。 课程以20世纪西方音乐为主体内容,在清晰贯穿历史线索和侧重史观发展之同时,尤为强调音乐聆听能力的培养,增进音乐知识的积累,凸显理论与实践相结合的开课理念。什么是音乐、什么是20世纪西方音乐、什么是有效聆听成为全课核心知识支柱,引导学生探查关于20世纪西方音乐的三种聆听模式,以期对关于20世纪西方音乐文化诸多现象形成多视角、多维度、多方法、多接口的认识与理解,从而为学生开拓眼界、触类旁通、多学科交叉、创造力之发展,完美人格之形成,提供实际而扎实的服务。 This course was first offered at Peking University in 2008 as a Public Elective Course, and subsequently as a Course for General Education. It is now being offered globally as one of Peking University’s MOOCs. Addressing students' interests in 20th century Western Music Culture and incorporating music theory, the course examines 20th century Western music. By combining theory and practice, the course not only aims to provide a clear view of the historical development of the music, but also emphasizes the training of aural skills and the accumulation of musical knowledge. The course covers not only classical music, such as neo-classical, expressionism, nationalism and other genres, but also explores in depth jazz, rock, and pop music of the 20th century. While studying Chinese music and other forms of national folk music in the 20th century world music context, students will also analyze large and complex works such as opera, musicals, and film music. By enhancing students’ understanding of 20th century Western music (classical music, pop music, folk music, comprehensive art) as a foundation, three core questions will be addressed: what is music, what is the 20th century Western music, and what is effective listening? The course aims to guide students to examine the three listening modes of 20th century Western music with the hope of forming a diverse and multi-faceted, knowledge and understanding of the 20th-century Western music culture phenomena, expanding students’ horizons, enhancing their ability to reason by analogy, and promoting cross-disciplinary, creative development....

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Nov 18, 2019



Jun 15, 2021


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By Shem

May 7, 2020

劣質的 PowerPoint,談的是音樂,但影片裡看不到任何審美趣味,d

By Chang1003

Nov 18, 2019


By Junchen Z

Jan 23, 2017

This class is very helpful to me. Currently, I'm still learning this class which makes up a lot of basic music knowledge.

By Wan R W

Jun 16, 2021


By way

Apr 14, 2019


By FangZhen

Sep 21, 2021


By Ziyu S

Jul 4, 2020

very nice

By Vikki Q

Dec 4, 2017


By Yi Y

Apr 9, 2019

I really like this course! It provides a big picture of music history first, and then focuses on the 20th Century. The only thing that I think can be improved is the in-class questions. I think they are not as helpful as the after-class quiz.

By jiong s

Apr 6, 2018


By Wang L

Aug 18, 2020