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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Algebra and Differential Calculus for Data Science by University of Colorado Boulder

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About the Course

Are you interested in Data Science but lack the math background for it? Has math always been a tough subject that you tend to avoid? This course will teach you the most fundamental Calculus concepts that you will need for a career in Data Science without a ton of unnecessary proofs and techniques that you may never use. Consider this an expressway to Data Science with approachable methods and friendly concepts that will guide you to truly understanding the most important ideas in Differential Calculus. We will review some algebra basics, talk about what a derivative is, compute some simple derivatives and apply the basics of derivatives to graphing and maximizing functions. This course is designed to prepare learners to successfully complete Statistical Modeling for Data Science Application, which is part of CU Boulder's Master of Science in Data Science (MS-DS) program. Logo courtesy of ThisisEngineering RAEng on

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Mar 9, 2023

Giving a 5 star review because of the videos that were produced, they really taught in a consise manner. However, I think that the Calculus section could have had more videos and more examples.


Nov 2, 2022

Excellent course. I never did university calculus, and this was a great way to test my understanding and prompt additional learning as I attempted the quizzes.

Thank you!

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By cecilia w

Jun 16, 2022

Took the class with the intention of practicing concepts and getting a taste of how University of Colorado Boulder conducts their online classes, because I was interested in the Master of Science in Data Science. The class was good, could have been better, but that's not issue. Several students, including myself, are complaining on the group forum because there's a programing error on the last quiz. We are unable to submit the answer and thus we get and automatic fail on the test. It's been over a week, my deadline to complete the course is about to expire and no one from the school has answered a single word. Apparently I'm going to fail a class, because the quiz doesn't work and the moderators are MIA.

By Laura W

May 17, 2022

There are significant issues with the quizzes in this course.

By Dr C G

May 4, 2022

Quizes are flawed, i.e. software doesn't recognize right answers.

By David G

May 19, 2022

Excellent introduction and review for those of us who took these courses some years ago! Really appreciated the clear teaching, which is so important for learrning math.

By William W

Nov 24, 2022

After reading the reviews I almost didn't take this course. (Whatever errors might have been in quizzes must have been fixed as I had no problems). I really enjoyed it! Very clear and to the point, just the right amount of homework and felt the worked connected and reinforced the lectures. I hadn't taken a Calculus class since Pre-Calc in High School (27 years ago!) and finished it with no problems. Highly recommend.

By Onkar P

Oct 14, 2022

Too low content to understand topics.

By Elena K

Nov 24, 2022

It is great refresher! I reviewed the subjects that I studies many years ago at the university in different language. Nice way to learn how it is all called in English. I am not sure though how effective it will be for people who are not familiar with the subject.

By Allyx M L

Nov 19, 2022

This course is a little brief; however, it could serve as an excellent refresher to someone who hasn't taken Calculus 1 for a while.

By Brian P

Jun 23, 2022

Really enjoyed the content and the whole structure of the course. It's been a few decades since I did calc and this was excellent!

By Matt M

Jun 15, 2023

This is a very poorly taught course. The videos feel like they were not practiced, were unorganized at times, and instead of re-recording they just said the first take was good enough. Many of the stuff in the quizzes were not talked about in the videos at all. If you are a beginner, looking for quality explanations or examples, this course is basically worthless. If you have learned about the concepts before and are looking for a reminder then that's about all this class is good for.

By Richard C

Dec 23, 2022

This course is really good if you have done calculus before but can't remember any of it after years of not using it. It's quick and the lectures are short and to the point. No time is wasted, and it just enough to refresh the basic intuitions behind calculus as well as help you remember the derivative rules.

It is not going to be a super fun experience if you are horribly rusty on basic algebra. Although the first two weeks of the course review algebra, they aren't super thorough and the exercises won't be enough to rework your brain into being comfortable with algebra. If this describes you, you'll want to take some time to practice algebra first. The calculus part of the course is pretty simple, but there are places where you'll do quite a bit of multiplying polynomials, and this is absolutely painful if you haven't done that in over a decade.

I think Jane Wall is a great lecturer. If I have any major criticism of the course, I think she should lecture even more. I'd love to see 2-3 more examples for each topic worked out in videos.

By Gansukh B

Nov 3, 2022

So much practical, precise. I was planning to study statistics and data science after having been out from mathematics for many years. And searched for what is the prerequisites to begin study of statistics, economics and data science. And made a scheme of learning objectives and was looking for classes to teach subjects on that objective. But it was too overwhelming to study all those subjects, since when watching videos, I know some of them and don't know some. So I couldn't skip but to watch all of the videos.

But finding this course, it was just prepared what I need to know in a very systematic and practical manner. Teaching was amazingly simple.

I really appreciate you guys. Hope you'll do more good things.

By Paul J

May 24, 2024

This is a fantastic course if you've previously had algebra & calc but it's been a minute. What I especially loved about this one: it's all theory, so you're not wasting time getting bogged down by computation and/or programming. You're zeroed in on the theoretical concepts that underpin the analysis. Huge. Big thank you to the CU team for putting this together, already excited for the next course in the series!

By Germán D L P

Aug 10, 2023

Excellent course to remember essential topics of algebra and differential calculus. The charisma of the instructor is unique and the topics are practical and precise. Don't expect the topics to go too deep, however, they are approached in such a way that makes it easy to understand more complex concepts.

By sidnei f

Nov 11, 2023

I recently completed the "Algebra and Differential Calculus for Data Science" course, and it exceeded all my expectations. The comprehensive eight-hour program masterfully blends clarity, depth, and practical application, making complex mathematical concepts remarkably accessible.

By Ambroise H

Apr 17, 2024

I liked the noise of the pen on the board. I miss it in the next course! Impressive knowledge transmission at a very good pace. It reminded me my times in scientific section in High school. Although, for a new comer, some concepts might be hard to get on your first run.

By Meenakshi J

Mar 25, 2023

This course is good introductory course in Calculus. For students new to Calculus, please remember learning any subject takes times and also you may want to refer to more than one source for reference like you would do while leaning any new subject.

By Emily C M

Sep 2, 2022

pretty solid review of the basics. Sometimes the examples in the videos were a lot more simple than the problems on quizes bit the provided the tools to solve the more complex equations. Doesnt take long is relatively easy to understand.

By Wahab A

Mar 9, 2023

Giving a 5 star review because of the videos that were produced, they really taught in a consise manner. However, I think that the Calculus section could have had more videos and more examples.

By Vickie G

Nov 3, 2022

Excellent course. I never did university calculus, and this was a great way to test my understanding and prompt additional learning as I attempted the quizzes.

Thank you!

By Serge T

Aug 26, 2022

Excellent course for students who want to refresh their memory of calculus and simple algebra before diving into more complicated concepts. It really helped me. Thanks

By Sugiharto M O

Mar 18, 2023

I like the fact how this course is segmented from the beginning to the end and specially how to plot 2 dimensional graph from a polynomial function.

By Nikos B

Nov 15, 2023

Very good course! It examines all essential algebra and differential calculus with insightful assignments and applications.

By Mendiswa M

Oct 2, 2023

only problem I had was with logs. Used khan academy and started from scratch. Also graphing was an issue I had to resolve.

By Shreyes V

Apr 24, 2023

overall good course was a good refresher for my exams and the way the material is taught makes it very easy to understand.