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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Black Lives Matter by Johns Hopkins University

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The #BlackLivesMatter movement is the most significant political movement in African American life in the United States in the last fifty years. BLM leaders denounced anti-black racism, white supremacy, and police brutality and reshaped how we think about gender, sexuality, social justice, economic injustice, and crime. The movement is grounded in a long history of African American activism. From slave revolts to the Black Panther Party, from the founding of the Congressional Black Caucus, to the eruption of the #BLM Movements, this course is an interdisciplinary and historical exploration of the BlackLivesMatter movement....

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Sep 23, 2022

This has been an educational course, which has given me more insight towards the movement and also opened my horizons in regards to the #blacklivesmatter


May 12, 2021

This course was very informative. I am thankful to Dr. Cabello for putting this course together and for offering it free to JHU students.

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By Max Z

Jun 3, 2021

This was unacceptable as a course on BLM. For this to have been of any value at all, we needed guided discussion. The course amounts to 45 minutes of google searches and reading. The quizzes were a joke- one answer was "Right" and also "False" in a true/false setting. I'm embarrased that this course has the name of my institution on it. I'm glad to have done the additional reading, but wow, this needs to be reworked completely. Maybe it lacked funding? If so, this vitally important content should be well-funded by JHU. But as it stands, I can't believe what I just experienced.

By Ramon A

Jul 21, 2021

The course is shallow, becoming borderline insulting in its shallowness from time to time. The structure of the quiz gave the sense that questions had been thrown together. I would point learners to other resources such as the excellent Crash Course on the history of race in the US, which is available for free on YouTube. I would not recommend this course.

By Andreas T

Sep 19, 2021

Not bad subject material or introduction, but superficial and not much content other than a collection of readings. Also some broken links, a few issues w/ perspective/bias as opposed to objective&analytical examination, and the discussion sections are not conducive to actual discussion (adding a peer review feature could help) or deeper examination. As is, I wouldn't be able to justify paying for it.

By Thomas B

Oct 27, 2021

This course was okay, but was lacking substantive content. The cited sources were usually of poor quality, i.e., the popular media. This is disappointing, because there are free, high-quality sources on this subject, e.g., reports by Amnesty International and the UN.

By Linda M

Oct 7, 2021

I can't even begn to say how much I have learned. Outstanding course, lots to think about and Do.

By Simon G

Sep 30, 2021

The content was exceptional and well laid out.

I did not like the fact there was broken links from some of the readings, or that you needed to subscribe to some of the sites in order to read the articles.

By laura l

Oct 17, 2021

I now understand much more about the Black Lives Matter movement and the racism that led to the present moment. a very engaging and interesting course; which has helped me to grasp where we are today in terms of human and civil rights and the terrible impact of racist policy on all of us.

By Adina S

Jun 5, 2023

I really enjoyed this class because it provided an overview of the civil rights movement. It showed how the civil rights movement's impact and the connection to Black Lives Matter. Also, it presented the differences between each group as well as the new strategies used by BLM.

By Kamla D

Jun 23, 2023

I have learnt many interesting and challenging features in this course. When will BlackAmericans be freed of oppression, abuse and inequality. Even having a Black President didn't make a difference in their wellbeing generally. The course was very informative.

By Tyler ( T

Oct 21, 2023

This excellent beginner-level course highlights the history of the black experience in the United States, the creation of BLM, and the importance of their pro-liberation work. Strongly recommend taking this course!

By Saeshananthan

Sep 24, 2022

This has been an educational course, which has given me more insight towards the movement and also opened my horizons in regards to the #blacklivesmatter

By Johnny B

May 12, 2021

This course was very informative. I am thankful to Dr. Cabello for putting this course together and for offering it free to JHU students.


Oct 9, 2022

The videos cou.ld have been a little longer whilst the articles, especially in the begining weeks were a lot.

By Sue C

Nov 18, 2022

It was very helpful to me, as a white woman, to understand the Black Lives Matter movement more. Thank you!

By Tristan C

May 5, 2021

An excellent course! Instructive videos. Only quizzes are required to receive the certificate.

By Alexey P

Dec 25, 2022

This course provides a detailed understanding of the Black Lives Matter movement.

By David M

May 20, 2021

Succinct yet easy-to-understand presentation of difficult materials. Well done!

By Luiza B

Sep 22, 2022

We liked the multi-media approach to learning.

By Ann M H

Jul 5, 2023

overall great learning experience

By Earl S

Apr 15, 2022


By David G T

Jul 12, 2022

There is some great information here, especially that pertaining to the history of racism in America. However, this course is now (July, 2022) somewhat dated and needs some revising.

By Justin B

Oct 23, 2023

It gave a lot of history and knowledge that was given on how the african american people where treated.

By John T R

Nov 2, 2021

A very informative and intersesting course

By Tanya S

Mar 26, 2024

Some links don't open and I shouldn't have to register to other outlets to read material that I paid for through this course. With that being said, I learned a great deal and am appreciative of that.