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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Business Models for Innovative Care for Older People by University of Copenhagen

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About the Course

Aging has been coined as one of the major societal challenges. The fact that we simply live longer, is in itself not a problem but rather a triumph. However, this unprecedented demographic change significantly affects individual life histories through an increased number of e.g. lifestyle related chronic diseases. These extra life years, also have a massive imprint on the organization of welfare institutions and the financial sustainability of the welfare system. This course will introduce you to healthcare innovation within the field of healthy living and active aging. By following two specific cases on diabetes and rehabilitation, this interdisciplinary course will provide you with key theories, tools and concepts for analyzing and developing viable innovative solutions for aging populations. The lectures will cover demographic, biological, economic, social and cultural aspects of active aging and healthy living, along with lectures on current innovation theories and methods. During the course you will meet leading researchers and experts from among others: University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Business School, Steno Diabetes Center in Copenhagen and Erasmus University of Rotterdam. They work with very different aspects of active aging and healthy living, from biomedicine to digital design, but what ties them together is the belief that an interdisciplinary approach to healthcare innovation will benefit the aging population. The course is part of the EIT Health Campus programme We hope you will enjoy this course and equip yourself to take a more professional approach to healthcare innovation....

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Sep 7, 2020

Useful and inspiring course! As a Biomedical Engineering student trying to get insights in start-up development and business in biomedical field, I really appreciated these classes.


Dec 31, 2018

The course is absolutely essential for those who want to understand digital health innovation in the real sense.

I myself learned a lot.

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By Helen G

Nov 27, 2017

I found this course quite misleading and disappointing. The title when I selected it was " Innovating Solutions for Aging Populations" but midway through it was rebranded as "Business Models for Innovative Care for Older People". I don't feel that it fit either name.

I was expecting and hoping to learn about: 1) Issues in elderly care needing Innovative digital solutions 2) Growth Segments emerging in the market 3) Case studies of innovative digital products aimed at the aging population 4) In Depth look at various segments and e.g. Parkinsons, Dementia, Rehab, Diabetes, Arthritis, looking at novel tech solutions to address care needs in each segment 5)

By Mohammed F

Dec 27, 2019

This course provided great learning experience, facts and business models on elderly care, much loved.

By Dunja V

May 22, 2020

Very good, detailed and concrete lectures that show us basics of innovative ways and processes that needs to be done

By Afra L

Mar 12, 2017

This course is more like a brief to "how to design and launch a product into the market" with a case study of an app targeting to aged population. I even felt like I was watching its commercial sometimes.

By Shabnam H

Jul 25, 2017

For a course aimed at solutions for aging population. The focus could have been more on the design methods or successful methods that was specially developed for older adults.


Apr 26, 2020

I was actually looking for care homes and old age homes as a business model. However it was interesting to go through this course!

By Chris N

Jul 17, 2021

A very interesting course I completed it in a matter of days, the majority was applicable to my activities in public health, particularly the section on ethnographic analysis. Some areas were quite technical and therefor more challenging, but overall I think it is a great introductory course that goes into the right amount of detail. It has a good selection of speakers with different presentation styles. Very much enjoyed this - thank you!

By Rahul G

Oct 7, 2016

I am a Medical graduate with a keen interest in Diabetes. I took this course hoping to streamline my understanding of the process of innovation. I must say that the course helped me organise the often overwhelming amount of information that is to be understood in this process. It also helped me develop a grounded overview to learn further. The supplementary resources provided for reading were also very valuable. Deepest gratitude!

By John L H

Oct 27, 2019

Covers the basics of the healthcare innovation through a thoughtful discussion of the design process and prototyping; including ethnographic study, user/stakeholder engagement, and continuous product quality management. Very handy for startup thinking and product innovation.

By Md M R

Nov 7, 2017

Great course for social workers, health care professionals, policy makers or even people who are simply interested in elder care. The course highlights many issues that are very relevant today and need creative approach to address world's ageing population.

By diana d

Mar 12, 2020

Es un curso maravilloso, con personas expertas en su ramo, te van explicando en todo momento sobre cómo solucionar problemas relacionados a los adultos mayores y el diseño de herramientas útiles para tratar dichos problemas.


May 30, 2018

This course is very useful. I think the biggest advantage of this course is the example of each lesson. By illustrating some concepts by example, I can learn theoretical knowledge better.

By Gaia L

Sep 8, 2020

Useful and inspiring course! As a Biomedical Engineering student trying to get insights in start-up development and business in biomedical field, I really appreciated these classes.

By Reza D

Jan 1, 2019

The course is absolutely essential for those who want to understand digital health innovation in the real sense.

I myself learned a lot.

By MD. R A

Oct 17, 2018

This is very nice course to learn something about Old age healthcare system and services especially for the diabetic patient.

By George S

Dec 30, 2018

Comprehensive and inspiring lectures that serve as a great introduction to the matters discussed.

By Tania

Nov 25, 2020

Very useful course. Good quality videos, information, suggestions, and integral approach.

By Maria H Q M R M - H

Dec 11, 2020

It was fun to learn in a manner that I can follow and be at my own pace.

By Camillus O

Jan 6, 2018

Fantastic. Learnt so much and quite beneficial in my care start-up

By Ale M

Aug 24, 2020

Excellent! A properly formed pre-course to platform and plunge.

By Jenjira L

Nov 27, 2020

It's a perfect course but some data is not english lanquage.

By elis l

Apr 22, 2020

Very well explained and many practical examples are given.


Jul 18, 2017

very interesting. I need to review it from time to time

By 刘尚君

Jul 16, 2017

Nice course,but have some problem in playing the veido.

By Judit I

Sep 6, 2020

Straightforward, useful, and enjoyable. Thank you.