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About the Course

In today’s ever-growing and changing world, being able to think creatively and innovatively are essential skills. It can sometimes be challenging to step back and reflect in an environment which is fast paced or when you are required to assimilate large amounts of information. Making sense of or communicating new ideas in an innovative and engaging way, approaching problems from fresh angles, and producing novel solutions are all traits which are highly sought after by employers. This course will equip you with a ‘tool-box’, introducing you to a selection of behaviours and techniques that will augment your innate creativity. Some of the tools are suited to use on your own and others work well for a group, enabling you to leverage the power of several minds. You can pick and choose which of these tools or techniques suit your needs and interests, focusing on some or all of the selected approaches and in the order that fits best for you. The practical approach of this course enables you to acquire an essential skill-set for generating ideas, with plenty of: - Fun e-tivities and exercises; - Practical lectures and tips; - Video representations of the techniques in action. By the end of this course you should be able to: - Pick a type of brainstorming you think will be useful to apply to a challenge - Use alphabet brainstorming in tackling a challenge - Use grid brainstorming in tackling a challenge - Use a morphological chart to synthesise a solution to a challenge - Use the TRIZ contradiction matrix to identify recommended inventive principles - Apply SCAMPER to a range of challenges The greatest innovators aren’t necessarily the people who have the most original idea. Often, they are people- or teams- that have harnessed their creativity to develop a new perspective or more effective way of communicating an idea. You can train your imagination to seize opportunities, break away from routine and habit, and tap into your natural creativity. Join this course and a community of practitioners in CREATIVITY!...

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May 29, 2020

I enjoyed this course right from the start. The videos are relatable and exciting as so were the reading exercises to get a better knowledge of how to think and easy, fast steps to get to those ideas.


Jul 22, 2020

Amazing to find out that I have been using the Six thinking Hats tool all my adult life and I wasn't even aware of its existence! As an Event Manager, I would definitely be applying many of the tools.

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By Ying H T

Apr 17, 2020

The course takes 7 weeks but I finished it in 3 full days over the easter weekend. It starts out easy then slowly increases in difficulty, challenging your critical thinking and understanding of the topics in a practical way that you can use them in real life.

Video lectures were interesting and succinct (never more than 5 min long). I especially like the videos showing practical application by students as it gives you a good idea on how the creative techniques can be applied in real life. These videos are shot from a viewpoint of you sitting among the students so you feel like you are attending a class. The additional readings were never unnecessarily long (no more than 3 pages), but carefully chosen as they are packed with important information that will improve your understanding of the subject. The online tests, e-activities and peer assignments are very helpful for you to master the techniques taught, if you do it seriously you will really see yourself grow. Discussion board sessions were less helpful due to students at different timezones which meant when you type a comment, you don't necessarily get a reply. However it is still helpful to read through comments by other students to get different perspective, although quality comments aren't many due to this section being optional so many students pass up the chance to give any comment at all. Overall I found the course very fulfilling and I will definitely use the knowledge and techniques at my personal and professional life. I highly recommend this to people from all specialisation background.

By Neha V

Apr 7, 2020

This was my first online course and I loved it. It was very detailed, crisp and clear. Would recommend this to my friends. Thanks, Peter and Team, and Imperial College.

By Murthy J

May 25, 2020

An excellent course for a systematic exposure of some interesting and widely used creativity tools! Thanks for increasing the awareness and confidence to use them in professional and personal domains!


Jun 8, 2020

This course was really amazing. I enjoyed a lot and learned as well! This course helped me to enhance my creativity.... Thanks to Prof. Peter for his amazing lectures with illustrated examples!


May 30, 2020

I enjoyed this course right from the start. The videos are relatable and exciting as so were the reading exercises to get a better knowledge of how to think and easy, fast steps to get to those ideas.

By Martin R

May 22, 2020

Not a course but more of a series of vague presentation videos suited for blogs or YouTube. I am shocked of the lack of quality in this course from the Imperial College London. I would not spend money on it.

By Arabella E

May 27, 2020

Sadly this course wasn't for me. The tools and techniques covered are not ones that would be necessarily useful or feasible to use on a daily basis in my career and I felt that these techniques would be more suited to a teacher or university lecturer who needs techniques to get the class involved in creative thinking.

By rroschin

Apr 14, 2020

It is more like a series of blog posts, but not a couse. Take it if it is free, but don't buy it. The most useful part if the videos with technic example with students.

By Atulpriya S

Mar 28, 2020

The course gave some good techniques for creativity and problem solving. Most of it is for groups and require time but will yield good results. The assignments do ensure you put in your brains something that I haven't seen on many other moocs. Overall a good course, maybe they can involve tools that are quick to yield results and easy to implement.

By Vipul S

Apr 2, 2020

One of the best courses I came across on Coursera, the content provided in the course top-notch. And the way, methods, principles taught will benefit me throughout my life. It will definitely help me in thinking about solutions to the problems I encounter in a very different way, which would ultimately increase my efficiency.

By Sharmin L

Apr 4, 2020

An extremely knowledgable course. It helped me learn some creative thinking tools which I can apply in my personal and professional life. If you think one course will make you an expert at creative thinking - not true. Practice is required!

By Francesco D F

Mar 9, 2020

Very practical approach to an usually overlooked subject in STEM courses. Highly advised for all students, essential for engineering ones

By Harjot G

Mar 29, 2020

This course has pushed me to think beyond the normal and finding ways to solve any problem ina much more creative manner.

Thank you..

By Paolo L

Apr 9, 2021

The teaching material is fine, though I found it a bit inconsistent (explanation on some topics are a bit basic).

The online experience itself is appalling, with so many bugs and poor explanations that I was put off from many tasks. Pages were you are asked to upload or download files that have no download or upload buttons, logging in and continuing from where your left is challenging as the systems opens any random section for that week with no logic, forums (not mandatory) are full of pointless 2 words postings that do not follow prompts, it is impossible to go back to your own forum postings to check if anyone replied or commented, hardly any details on file formats you are supposed to upload or download, explanations on some mandatory tests are so poorly written that I wondered what was I supposed to submit.

This feels like a cheap course shabbily put together just to make money out of the Imperial College London 'brand'.

By Mary O

Jul 22, 2020

Amazing to find out that I have been using the Six thinking Hats tool all my adult life and I wasn't even aware of its existence! As an Event Manager, I would definitely be applying many of the tools.

By Hana A H

Apr 3, 2020

I would like to thanj you for yhe interesting details given to explain creativity.

Kindly, may I ask for a free certificate.

Thank you.


Hana Abou Hassanein


Jun 5, 2020

An excellent course which got me to think on many different plains, specially when using the tools on issues and topics that I didn't think needed creative thinking skills. Would recommend it.

By Youness L

Apr 15, 2020

Very nice course! I have learnt a lot and that allowed me now to see the big picture about creativity. I become now more enthusiast to learn more about creativity and apply it in both my professional and personal life. What an inspiring course!

I wish to extend a huge thank you to Professor Peter Childs and his team.

By Vineet K

Mar 31, 2020

Excellent guide to the introduction of creative thinking. Specially the 6 hats, Morphological charts and TRIZ are well explained.

By Himalaya B

Apr 7, 2020

Amazing Course. Thank you for this course and thanks to Imperial College London for delivering such an amazing course.


Apr 3, 2020

well designed and useful course.Conducted effectively,organised scientifically.

By Oliver W

Feb 19, 2020

Really creatively thought provoking course, well worth doing!

By Ralph B

Jul 14, 2020

The course does not update properly... so many people are not getting the certificates that they pay for .... Including myself. . . I completed all the work, the peer reviews, the peers reviewing my work... Yet no certificate. . . The material on the course is quite good however, AUDIT .... DO NOT PAY FOR THIS COURSE I had tried to contact Coursera many times to no avail !!! Very disappointing to what could be a really good course with good material. . .

By Ruth M

May 30, 2022

One of the best courses I have ever had. I learned a lot of concepts and ideas to put into practice from now on. I want to thank professor Peter and Coursera for giving us these useful opportunities.

By Ghina I

Sep 6, 2020

Thank you so much, for Mr. Peter. I really enjoy this Creative Thinking : Techniques and Tools for Success

It really makes me thingking out of the box and craving for a new ideas to explore.