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Despite the recent increase in computing power and access to data over the last couple of decades, our ability to use the data within the decision making process is either lost or not maximized at all too often, we don't have a solid understanding of the questions being asked and how to apply the data correctly to the problem at hand. This course has one purpose, and that is to share a methodology that can be used within data science, to ensure that the data used in problem solving is relevant and properly manipulated to address the question at hand. Accordingly, in this course, you will learn: - The major steps involved in tackling a data science problem. - The major steps involved in practicing data science, from forming a concrete business or research problem, to collecting and analyzing data, to building a model, and understanding the feedback after model deployment. - How data scientists think! LIMITED TIME OFFER: Subscription is only $39 USD per month for access to graded materials and a certificate....

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May 14, 2019

This is a proper course which will make you to understand each and every stage of Data science methodology. Lectures are well enough to make you think as a data scientist. Thank you fr this course :)


Aug 09, 2018

This is my favourite in the series, the 10 questions to be answered were mind opening. The repetition after every video makes easier for important points to stick to the brain. Very good indeed...

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By Yves J

Aug 15, 2019

Methodology course should be done at the end of the whole certificate course or at least when the student has a better understanding of all the statistical methods available (regression, machine learning..)

By Mohammad Q

Aug 21, 2019

Good Methodolgy but I feel like I need more explaination about it

By Hassan B

Aug 20, 2019

It's good course but still need more explanations and examples to be clearer.

By Shraddha K

Aug 25, 2019

More explanation is required. unlike other courses this course needs we refer other sources on net.

By Venkatesh S

Sep 18, 2019

I felt like there was too much emphasis on a top-down approach. Many a time one doesn't have the good fortune of going through the entire data science methodology as mentioned here. The client has already collected the data and then comes and gives you a problem. In this case, you need to have a bottom-up approach - play with the data already collected and see which analytic approach is feasible. In addition, not enough was done to say that this 'story' is the ideal scenario! Rarely do you get the chance to do a data science project so neatly. But it is always useful to know how things would work in a perfect world.

By Brian C

Nov 05, 2019

A little wordy with the labs focused on shift-entering prewritten code as opposed to giving significant input. Also felt that one peer-grade being factored into final deliverable is a little sketchy. I had one peer completely fail my deliverable selecting lowest marks on each section of the schema yet when submitted a second time with no change (i was honestly happy that my deliverable met the requirements) i was awarded 100%.

By Ali I

Nov 04, 2019

Hi Dear Team ,

I thinks this course need more clarification and more details and examples.

Thank you fro your effort.

By Andrea M

Sep 07, 2019

I guess it is a good course for someone who has never taken any research methods. But having a PhD this course was quite useless for me.

By Igor L

Oct 02, 2019

Too basic and too easy

By Reinhard H J

Oct 04, 2019

Very generic and superficial explanations. Needs more substance. The best thing was the explanation of the ROC curve.

By Cornea D A

Sep 12, 2019

Some summarized text support would have been useful for the final assignment.

By Prabir C

Sep 11, 2019

very theoretical topic and hard to follow with case study give, The final assignment is also very unclear on what to expect. This course content needs to be redone by the instructors.

By Fabrice A

Oct 07, 2019

the video lectures was really fast making it difficult to understand

By Suyog J

Oct 09, 2019

Appreciate the content so far. This can be though made more in-depth when it comes to hands on. Including graded level hands on practice can enhance the learning experience the students get from this course.

Thanks for enabling us with all through the course.

By Ramkumar G

Sep 24, 2019

Since we are following a track, the previous two courses were basic and in this course we came across to lot of data science terminology without proper introduction.

By Chris L

Oct 15, 2019

common sense is rated as professional in this course.

By Thomas M

Oct 17, 2019

Not great quality of video content

By Sai A T

Oct 22, 2019

The examples used were poor and the definitions of each stage were not concrete, workable definitions but rather very abstract definitions.

By Chaojie W

Oct 26, 2019

I understand that this video want to give a full image of Data Science. But its case study including too much low-frequency vocabulary / terminology, which is an obstacle to beginner. And some reading material 's exercise is not very necessary...

By Baptiste M

Oct 25, 2019

IBM Developer Skills Network tool is a complete disaster, spending more time trying to get what should have been a PDF than actually studying...

By Melissa C

Feb 07, 2019

Can't download the transcript for studying. Only get subtitles. A lot of information to learn. Found questions on the tests that were not in the material (I went back through the videos after the tests and no mention of some of the questions). Hope the rest of the courses are more complete.

By Steve O

Oct 30, 2018

Sometimes methodology can get verbose and abstract, but this content was quite good. The outline of topics and methodologies could have been a little tighter.The English is not so good and there are lots of spelling and grammar errors. There are also bad links for things like images.

By Magdalena R

Nov 06, 2018

The course is interesting but I don't like robotic teaching. I think is missing some human interaction like other coursera courses I've done where you

By Wong Y O

Nov 09, 2018

The example topic is not easy to understand for people work outside hospital, it is better to use some common examples such as email and credit cards that more easily understand the flow. Too much technical terms and explain too fast.

By Frederick A P

Nov 15, 2018

The videos contained what felt like a lot of information that would have been bettered digested as a written lesson. I believe the course would have been better if all the information in the videos was also available as a pdf, to really be able to look at the slides while reading.