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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Designing Autonomous AI by University of Washington

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About the Course

To design an autonomous AI system, you must figure out how to distill a business challenge into its component parts. When children learn how to hit a baseball, they don’t start with fastballs. Their coaches begin with the basics: how to grip the handle of the bat, where to put their feet and how to keep their eyes on the ball. Similarly, an autonomous AI system needs a subject matter expert (SME) to break a complex process or problem into easier tasks that give the AI important clues about how to find a solution faster. In this course, you’ll learn how to create an autonomous AI design plan. By setting goals, identifying trainable skills, and employing those skills in goal-oriented strategies, you’ll incorporate your SME’s knowledge directly into your AI’s “brain,” the agent that powers your autonomous system. You'll learn when and how to combine various AI architecture design patterns, as well as how to design an advanced AI at the architectural level without worrying about the implementation of neural networks or machine learning algorithms. At the end of this course, you’ll be able to: • Interview SMEs to extract their unique knowledge about a system or process • Combine reinforcement learning with expert rules, optimization and mathematical calculations in an AI brain • Design an autonomous AI brain from modular components to guide the learning process for a particular task • Validate your brain design against existing expertise and techniques for solving problems • Produce a detailed specifications document so that someone else can build your AI brain This course is part of a specialization called Autonomous AI Fundamentals....
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By Rob B

Jul 20, 2022

In 2014, I took a course in Machine Learning, but could not find any applications for it. Recently, I discovered the course Machine Teaching for Autonomous AI, which fascinated me greatly. Recently, I completed the follow-up course Designing Autonomous AI. It is now clear to me how to apply AI. Kence Anderson is the course instructor, who knows how to captivate me with his lectures. He designed the course and boasts a lot of experience with Autonomous AI. Thank you Kence. I plan to take your remaining two courses as well.

By Manu F

Jun 23, 2022

Excellent course!

This course builds on concepts from Course 1(Machine Teaching) and explains much needed foundational concepts to eventually design a AI Brain. Kence continues to demonstrate his passion through simple examples. The Course will enable you to think how Machine Teaching can be the art of the possible for Industrial day to day solutions and Operation Research based problems with an Open Mind. Thanks to Coursera for providing this platform to enable me to learn.

By Teresa E

Jun 14, 2022

This course teaches how to design Autonomous AI brains using Machine Teaching for winning use cases. By the end of this course, you'll know how to ask the righ questions to subject matter experts to fill out the AI specification document for a use case of your choice. The AI spec is an efficent communication tool for all stakeholders including industrial expert operators, business owners and Autonomous AI brain builders.

By Patrick M

Jul 6, 2022

Well put and paced.

I took the 2nd course not realising the honors course material is serialized from course 1. Now, i have to backtrack.

My only request is there should be a guide indicating this.

By Sheldon

Feb 4, 2023

By Mark V

Oct 18, 2022

STILL needs LOTS of work - "plays" like a v1.0 course, and all that this implies: - myriad typos (multiple on every page, every question of every quiz)

- lack of consistency in (brand new) nomenclature; this will be a huge PAIN POINT for all students who are trying to wrap their heads around the new lingo, even while the instructor is using multiple terms DIFFERENTLY or even INTERCHANGEABLY (note: I've kept screenshots, and have several DOZEN to share upon request)

- an almost complete ignorance of (60 YEARS' WORTH) of existing Control System Theory into which this Autonomous AI 'control theory' simply MUST fit, NOT replace. This results in all the "theory" and "nomenclature" diagrams coming off as sort of half-baked; they ATTEMPT to resemble rigorous, well-thought-out Control System Theory diagrams, but then you realize they're completely MISSING key components required in EVERY Control System diagram - stuff like the SYSTEM or PLANT itself, so that the resulting diagram simply has MAGICAL "inputs" and "outputs" without the diagrams actually EXPLAINING FROM WHERE THESE INPUTS & OUTPUTS COME

- an annoyingly-regular practice of asking QUIZ QUESTIONS about contents that - in fact - was REMOVED from the lesson itself (I have screenshots to prove this statement)

This course would benefit from a professional instructor re-writing/re-designing the entire course from ground up; as-is it's about 80% "GREAT", but the 20% that's missing/confused/intermixed/redefined knocks what could be an A+ can't-wait-for-the-next-lesson course down to the C+ that it deserves as a "v1.0" course. I predict that - with the right help - by this time next year this course rises up to the A+ it has the POTENTIAL of becoming :-)