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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Digital Communication and Emotion by Arizona State University

About the Course

Communication online can be hard, especially when emotions get involved. Whether you’re facing someone’s sarcastic joke or a heated discussion, digital communication requires finesse. Even in normal situations, this communication can benefit from specific skills that let you get your message across clearly on any medium. However, you may still wonder about the best ways to go about online communication. With the expertise of Dr. Nicholas Proferes of the ASU School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, the Digital Communication and Emotion course will put the tools, knowledge and strategies of digital communication directly into your hands. You’ll learn the fundamentals and get acquainted with your digital media toolkit. Then, you’ll directly apply them in hands-on scenarios. Communicating effectively in the digital world requires using emotion appropriately, choosing the right medium and responding to miscommunications — skills that anyone can learn and apply anywhere. Take the next step of your digital communications journey today!...
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By Fulvia A

Mar 3, 2023

This a very interesting perspective about how to improve digital communication in terms of emotions. The only thing I didn't like is the absence of discussion and threads in the course as well as the lack of peer- graded assignments which make things slower. I hope to solve it and get my certification

By Mike W

Nov 30, 2023

This course has great content and I would love to rate it higher. The part I did not care, and is the reason for the middling score, was the peer reviewed assignments. Part of the process involves grading other people and most don't do the work at all. Some attach nonsense photos and pdf documents. Also a lot of the links don't work when you click on them making me wonder if it is the site, the person, or a fake document to begin with. Then the other issue is having to wait for your own assignments to be graded. It has been a couple weeks since I completed the entire course and still most assignments have not been graded. Very frustrating.