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About the Course

This is a two week course. In the first week you will learn about the core activities that the Industry executes to bring electricity to customers. We will review what electricity is, how it is generated, how it is transmitted, how it comes into buildings, and how consumption of electricity instantly feeds back on the transmission and generation of electricity. You will learn to: Define what electricity is; Describe how electricity is generated, transmitted and distributed; Describe how electricity is generated, transmitted and distributed; and Summarize how the consumption of electric energy instantly feeds back on the transmission and generation of electricity. In the second week, the course shifts to the markets that drive Electric Industry operations. You will learn about the various costs of the electric industry’s core activities, how electricity is priced, the various ways that electric markets are structured, how these market structures determine which power plants are dispatched to produce electricity when, and how recent changes in generator fuel prices, generation technology, market regulations, and environmental regulations are transforming both Electric Industry Markets and Operations. You will learn to: Describe the main cost components to the electric system; Compare the costs of different types of power plants; Interpret the retail pricing of electricity; Explain the different types of electric markets and understand how they operate to dispatch electric supply to meet demand in real time; and Explain why and how the electric industry is regulated....

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Aug 11, 2020

Content was easy to follow and digest - it was a good refresher course for me as I've been in the industry for some time, but within the IT discipline. Learned some new things along the way too.


May 06, 2020

Great course with a superb faculty. Learnt a lot about the industry and market regulations of electricity.\n\nWould really recommend this course to all who are interested in electric industry.

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By Alex T S

Dec 11, 2017

A lot of the content in the week 2 lessons is subjective and is only relevant to the United States. Although it is useful information it does not have any benefit for a person who isn't in the US.

By Hugh M

Jul 10, 2018

The professor really has put thought into his course structure - it pays off as a student. He goes through everything from a to z in this space in a logical fashion, answering a lot of unanswered questions I have.


Apr 25, 2020

Excellent course, clear, interesting and providing a very good overview of the Electric Industry Operations and Markets. Very useful for people willing to work in this sector and those curious to know more about it.

By Cody N

Jul 24, 2017

Fantastic class! I was impressed by the high quality of peer-graded submissions, and I believe the instructors/course creators deserve a lot of credit for that outcome.

By Amin A M

Apr 22, 2020

One of the best introductory courses to the electricity supply industry, and I have been through quite a few! Gives you the technical bits without being unnecessarily complex and gives a concise overview of markets.

By Maureen M

Sep 20, 2019

This course does a great job of touching all relevant topics in the industry. It is very easy to comprehend for people who have little to no experience.

By Daniel P

Apr 20, 2020

The course is very complete for those who are starting in this environment. A more in-depth course would be fine, leaving the electrical foundations aside and focusing on economic dispatch and the operation of the electrical market with examples.

By Alexis A B M

Jan 08, 2020

Excelente curso, muy buena introducción a la operación y manejo de los diferentes tipos de mercados eléctricos de los EEUU, pero los fundamentos sirven para comprender cualquier tipo de los que se manejan a nivel mundial.

By Charle M L C

Jul 15, 2020

Understanding the concepts of Electricity Market in its relevance and complexity made me realize how it is even more important that electricity will be delivered even to farthest hinterlands.

By Asad M

Jan 08, 2018

This course is very helpful for me and for all those who study electric industry operations and markets. The professor explained it very well and its a one of the best course i have taken

By Fahriesa I S

Apr 12, 2020

This course is really having a good side for my future career as i try to reach a physicist engineered application for my career, this is really recommended for everyone.

By 黃泓溥(Huang, H

Aug 30, 2018

The Course is just Amazing!! All thanks go to the instructor and the team who made it. A good reference guiding me to walk through the major topics in the industry.

By Rodrigo G A M

Sep 02, 2017

Muy buen curso, permite conocer de manera general las operaciones de la industria eléctrica y contextualizar los distintos tipos de mercados que existen en E.E.U.U.

By Asad U R

Nov 06, 2018

Course was an awsome experience for me, i have learnt alot about electric industry. i learnt how power generates, how it tranmits and how its distributes.

By Edgar V

Jul 24, 2017

The course presents a broad set of topics required to have a basic understanding of the electricity market, using clear explanations and audiovisuals.

By Alex G

Feb 21, 2018

Very good overview of the industry, and as someone working in an ESCO, still managed to fill in some gaps in my knowledge. Highly recommended!

By Kevin R C

Feb 28, 2019

Very detailed, insightful and well designed course. I enjoyed doing this and I am thankful for the skills I gained as a result.

By Meena T

Aug 27, 2018

This is an excellent course. However, it needs to be updated to reflect current and future market developments and regulations.

By Tsiflikas E

Aug 21, 2018

A very nice lesson I suggest to those who want to attend it will learn many new knowledge they do not know so far....

By Ubaldo S

Apr 06, 2020

Good introductory course to the Electric sector !!! From the Physics basics to the market basics.

By Po W M

Sep 05, 2018

A short and sweet course. I have actually learned quite a lot in the peer review assignment.

By ananjan p

Mar 07, 2020

It was a really good course but I think that the energy scenario of the entire world could have been explained in short instead of only USA. But a very helpful course otherwise.

By Abdul R S

Jun 05, 2020

a nice course

By Chee Y N

Jun 07, 2020

The course material is good. and I enjoyed it However, I found that way too many people were cheating in the peer review assignment of this course. For example, my own assignment was downloaded by another student, and submitted it as his own. I hope coursera take plagiarism seriously.

By hussain a

Sep 11, 2020

So far my experience has been challenging, learning again after years away from education, yet it has been so fulfilling, the photography department is a wonderful hub of activity, students from all The three years cross paths within the week, and are respectful and helpful to each other. We have a fantastic team of tutors who without doubt go above and beyond for all the students. For anybody considering Blackburn college to study the photography course, then I would definitely recommend it. I feel very much a part of my department and I am looking forward to my third year next year.