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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Emotional Intelligence: Cultivating Immensely Human Interactions by University of Michigan

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About the Course

This course is a multi-media exploration into important intra- and interpersonal skills required for Emotional Intelligence. Professors Sanchez-Burks and Alexander teach a model that brings together all of the areas that are necessary to improve and take skills in the interpersonal space to the next level. People call these ‘soft skills’ when in fact they are the hardest part of great leadership and the biggest contributor to team success. Through theory, assessments, animated vignettes, and video clips, participants will be able to see themselves and others, as well as analyze their own and others’ behaviors. This is a skill-building course based on published research in multiple fields....

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Aug 18, 2022

This course help me understand more about Emotional Intelligence, especially how to aknowledge my own feelings and how to deal with it so they don't make any negative effect to my relationships.


Oct 18, 2022

I went on completing the course, till the end that means it is really good. I never turn a page of a book if I do not find it intersting. YOu guys made it interesting, inviting and happy.

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By Sayali B

Jun 6, 2022

It was indeed very fruitful journey and also very relevant to my current profile and growth point of view .

By Jillian S

May 1, 2023

The content and presentation is quite dated

By Holly A

Jun 3, 2022

Excellent content and knowledge you can truly use at work or outside of work too. The instructors make it fun and engaging. I highly recommend this course to anyone.


Jul 4, 2022

Have been able to learn how to know about my coworkers emotions and also empathy

By Afra A R

Mar 27, 2023

Course content was good and covered some important topics, however the use of third party tools didn't not work on mobile and tablet (only on PC/Laptop). This needs to be highlighted in the course description, reached out to courser that the same and they wouldn't not offer support or solution to such issues.

By Administration G N

Feb 28, 2023


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By Elis M

Jul 3, 2023

I loved this course. I have learned a lot, and I am still learning because learning is an ongoing process. I am always putting my knowledge into practice with this course. The teachers are wonderful, and I feel like they are a part of my life and as if we know each other personally. It has been a great journey. I highly recommend it!

By Mitchelle C

Oct 19, 2022

I went on completing the course, till the end that means it is really good. I never turn a page of a book if I do not find it intersting. YOu guys made it interesting, inviting and happy.


Nov 21, 2023

Excellent course. More practical and real-life examples made it easier to understand things with sense.

By Cristovao S

Jan 29, 2023

Incredible, thanks for all evolved on the concept idea and knowledge sharing.

By Nhu N T T

May 8, 2023

easy to understand and it relates a lot to my work.

By Sasikala G V

May 4, 2023

Excellent session

By Ovi P

Apr 10, 2023

Very Good

By Agbonlahor F

Jul 13, 2022

for me, this course was very useful. I have come to reaslise my areas of strength and areas i need to improve . For instance my ability listen needed to improve so did my level of empathy to others.

By Collette A G

Jan 29, 2024

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I learned alot about me. I also will pay more attention to those around me in my work environment to connect to them in a more beneficial and human way.

By Shwe Y

Aug 30, 2023

It taught me a lot on how to empathise and when and where emotions are important. However there was some difficulty with the course as some features needed an upgrade purchase to be used.

By Hanbo W

Jul 5, 2022

I think the content of this course is inspiring and engaging, but its density is light. I would expect a more in-depth discussion on this topic.

By Becky T

Feb 2, 2024

This course felt a bit off.

By William D

Nov 30, 2022

No auto play and no ability

to cancel the course and

a horrificly outdated and lacking

app platform really do this

course a disservice

By Mayank S

Jun 5, 2023

peer graded assignment is not fair

By Ammar A E

Sep 12, 2023

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this informative course! It truly imparts to you various aspects of why and how emotions substantially matter in your personal -and also professional !- life. Moreover, it also has some very interesting and revealing insights about methods to behave with others, like:

the fact that everyone in a team can and should practice to be a leader -not only the person with the supervisory role-; that deep care and interest in others on a personal level at work allows workers to release their anxieties and fears and be accepted in times of difficulty, thus increasing productivity and efficiency at work, and building mutual trust and intimacy; and the little (and tremendously important) tip to help others reach the solution themselves, and not give it to them directly.. and many many more interesting insights in this course! I would recommend this course to anyone I know, as it makes us aware, more human, and helps us treat others and ourselves more adequately.

By Akachukwu E

Jul 24, 2023

its been a pleasant and wonderful experience going through this course Emotional Intelligence: Cultivating Immensely Human Interaction has enabled me to re strategies in order to re invigorate my myself using SEI to becoming my better self and building relationship that is based on trust and integrity. I am now totally positioned to take up leadership roles and extending knowledge garnered in this course to help others become their better self through adequate coaching mentoring and even sponsorship.

thank you for this opportunity that has been well utilized. i am genuinely grateful most especially to my instructors Prof Jeffery Sanchez-Burks and Prof Cheri Alexander. its been wonderful walking through this course with your professional guidance.


Aug 29, 2023

The course on Emotional Intelligence: Cultivating Immensely Human Interactions was fantastic! It helped me develop a deeper understanding of emotions and how they impact our interactions with others. I learned valuable skills for building strong relationships and enhancing communication. Overall, it was an enriching and enlightening experience.

The instructors were amazing! They were knowledgeable, supportive, and passionate about the subject. They created a positive and engaging learning environment, making the course experience even more enjoyable. I felt encouraged to ask questions and participate in discussions. Their expertise and guidance greatly contributed to my understanding and growth in emotional intelligence.

By Dr. C J

May 9, 2023

I teach the Holistic Education Development course at Christ University, Bangalore, India on emotional intelligence. But this course has given me a much deeper insight on the different levels and points that I dwell upon. I learnt a lot of nitty gritty to the most refined topics in this course which I am sure will help me to deliver to my students in the upcoming semester.

By Ghya b

Sep 28, 2022

very clear,concise and easy to understand,

ausing avatar's video is funny and can send the message in a clearer way.

the end of course project is intersting in order to sum up about all the material studied and check my improvement

thank you to both teachers, they are professional, working with passion :) as if it's a face to face course