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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Epidemiology: The Basic Science of Public Health by The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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Often called “the cornerstone” of public health, epidemiology is the study of the distribution and determinants of diseases, health conditions, or events among populations and the application of that study to control health problems. By applying the concepts learned in this course to current public health problems and issues, students will understand the practice of epidemiology as it relates to real life and makes for a better appreciation of public health programs and policies. This course explores public health issues like cardiovascular and infectious diseases – both locally and globally – through the lens of epidemiology....

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Apr 11, 2020

Very clear teaching strategies from the instructors. Some quizzes though are a little bit hard on my part because of the type of questions and answers. But overall it is a great course to take with.


May 30, 2020

I just completed my course and I would like to appreciate the tutors for doing a great job, yeah! Also, I recommend Coursera for anyone who wants to experience advancement in knowledge and career.

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By Abigail N

Nov 7, 2019

Overall, this was a pretty solid introduction to epidemiology. The lectures managed to simplify concepts without sacrificing quality of the lecture. The additional resources were also helpful. However, I had a little difficulty in some topics since the point was not communicated properly and I got confused. But overall, a good course to take for beginners.

By Vincente M A G

Oct 23, 2017

The course was interesting. The information provided was probably the most essential for an introduction to public health; I would have liked a bit more information on statistical analysis tools and how they work exactly (e.g. how do they give us the actual p-value; what tools are out there and why or how you choose one over the other, etc.). Thanks!

By Deleted A

Oct 19, 2020

Took me a while to finish this course because I had to watch the videos again to better understand the concepts. Epidemiology isn't an easy subject for me but thanks to this course, I think I have a better understanding of the basic concepts. The lectures made seemingly complicated topics rather simple. The additional readings were very helpful too!

By Ahmed O

Dec 23, 2016

A great introductory course into the field of epidemiology covering all basic aspects of the field. The educators are very well organized and the work load per weak is very manageable. It is to be noted though that the exams can pose some difficulty in first two weeks as some may consider them to focus on trivia, other than that a great course.

By Ramsha B

Feb 16, 2021

This course provides basic concepts and terminologies in epidemiology which is quite helpful to those who are thinking to enter the field of Public Health. The lectures are very helpful and explains everything with examples which helps understanding the topic with ease. Few questions in between the video lectures keeps you alert and engrossed.

By Hind T

Jun 12, 2020

Great refresher, I already had courses in statistics long time ago, its good to update your knowledge (for ex: it was good to know that the term "relative risk" is no longer used.

The reading resources are great.

Wish if the course slides were downloadable as its easier to flip & search in the slides for an info than searching in the videos.

By Clàudia F J

Jul 4, 2018

Interesting course for those who wish to explore the basic methodology of epidemiology. It focuses a lot on basic measures such as odds, ratio, incidence or risk, but very clearly explained (very nice presentations). I don't give 5 stars because I think the knowledge was a bit too dry for me, but overall it was a good course.

By Jackie W

Dec 1, 2016

Good overview of the subject, and easy to understand for someone with no health sciences background. My only complaint is that the additional readings were redundant, covering the exact same thing and using the same examples as the videos--I would prefer either different readings or making them more obviously optional.

By Stavros I

Oct 30, 2015

Nice course with the correct approach on the basics of Epidemiology. Only one minor issue, i think the focus on the historical aspects, although interesting, was a bit too much in the lectures and the tests. Being able to define OR or CI should be more important than questions on history. Overall, great work!

By Dotan S

Oct 9, 2016

This course was excellent as a basic course, highlighting the most basic definitions and concepts that anyone interested in epidemiology without any background should and can understand.

Thank you lecturers and organizers, this course definitely answered some questions I had after reading scientific articles.


Jun 18, 2020

The course was really interesting and eye opening,although the quizzes were a bit tough for the first three weeks,i still enjoyed every part of the study. I can relate better with most of the terms and case studies.And finally, the videos were okay but it wasn't easy pausing to jott some keypoints.

By marcela c

Apr 17, 2017

El curso es muy bueno, tiene bases excelentes par ala epidemiologia, y los documentos de Eric notebook son muy bueno, algunos un poco dificiles de entender pero en general muy ¨digeribles¨. En mi caso me demoraba mas del tiempo estipulado a dedicar cada semana pero eso dependerá de cada persona.

By Sampada A

Jul 2, 2020

Engaging! Super cool, great overview into epidemiology. Only complaint is that the lectures were a bit monotonous, but it is what it is. Would recommend for anyone who wants to learn more about public health or is just intrigued by COVID-19! Thank you Professors Alexander and Yeatts!!!

By Cantillep

Jul 28, 2020

The lectures were easy to understand. However, I would like to comment on the questions of the exams. Some were not worded appropriately and some were quite irrelevant to the material discussed. Questions could have focused more on the topic itself, rather than the examples cited.

By Hildegard M

May 10, 2020

This has been a great introduction to the history and basic concepts of epidemiology. The lecturers explained it in an easy to understand and comprehensive manner and I really enjoyed from them. It encourages to delve a bit deeper into epidemiology and public health. THANK YOU !

By mahbod i

Mar 2, 2022

This is a great course for staters in the field of epidemiology, however as a general practitioner I would have liked to see more practical examples and some problems to solve even.

Overall this was a nice experience and kudos to the people teaching at Chapel Hill university!

By William F

Sep 5, 2020

Good coverage of important and interesting topics. In some videos the audio volume was a bit low, making it difficult to hear on some computers. Also, reading is not the best way to present information if you want to capture people’s interest and concentration.

By Aamena A

Jul 30, 2020

It was a little bit tough for me especially because it had formulas and math. Overall, I would recommend the course to anyone who wants to learn and understand epidemiology. It's a good way to supplement your public health studies if you're in a med school.

By André C T

Dec 27, 2020

I understand this course is supposed to be for beginners. However, I think some very important questions were not addressed here. The course as a whole was realy not challanging. Study designs were ver poorly addressed. Bias was not even mentioned!

By Xavier L

Apr 28, 2020

A sufficient introductory preview into epidemiology, although some concepts were taught at the rather intermediate level. Also, some contents covered in the quiz were ill-structured and not otherwise captured in lectures and/or additional readings.

By Becky B

Apr 14, 2021

I thought the instructors did a great job. It was harder than I thought but I stayed positive and worked very hard on learning and took away everything I could from this course. To be honest I did better than I thought I would. Pleased. Thank-you

By Laverne D

Aug 6, 2019

The information on measures of association was somewhat confusing. Sometimes the narrator would say either risk or rate, but I thought she meant the other. Statistical data gathering I find very challenging, though I recognize its importance.

By Frank B

May 12, 2020

I like this as a broad overview of research methods in epidemiology. I found this stimulating prior knowledge from my Psychological Science degree, so it was a good refresher before I head into health informatics and clinical classification.

By Nada K

Mar 13, 2021

Well prepared course, providing good overview of the basic principles of public health. Especially, I liked the part about statistics. Some quizzes (week 3 and 2) were kind of difficult. Additional literature very clear and useful. Thanks!

By Comfort O B

Sep 3, 2020

The course is really enjoyable! It clearly demonstrated life events and causality issue. Earlier, I have trouble understanding Confidence interval, but now I understand it clearly! Kudos to the two wonderful teachers. Thank you so much!