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About the Course

This course aims to serve as an education platform on Chinese medicine (CM) for the general public. Our primary goal is to empower healthcare choices by promoting awareness and practical application on CM diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, as well as regulation on CM services and herbal products using international examples. In the first part of this course, learners will develop skills in applying basic theory of Chinese medicine (CM) for understanding health and illnesses, and be able to compare and contrast views from Chinese and western medicine perspectives. In the second part, learners will be able to diagnose their own CM body constitution, and to apply appropriate CM self-care practice including food therapy, acupressure, Baduanjin and meditation. Learners will also be able to identify commonly used Chinese herbs, and to describe the core principle of acupuncture. Specific competencies include: 1. State the basic theory of Chinese medicine and compare it with the principle of western medicine. 2. Apply the diagnostic approach of Chinese medicine and describe one’s body constitution. 3. Describe the core principle of Chinese herbs and acupuncture, and to understand their role in promoting health and wellness. 4. Develop self-care plan according to body constitution, using the practice of food therapy, acupressure, and Baduanjin....

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Feb 19, 2019

My interest in herbalism and alternate medicine brought me to this course. It was very informative indeed and I made notes often. The tests are also to the point. Thank you, professors and Coursera!

Dec 28, 2020

A very nice program for understanding the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Quite analogous to the Ayurvedic Medicine that deals with imbalance of vata (air), pittha (fire) and kapha (cold).

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By Shely A

Jun 11, 2020

I am a medical doctor. Just wanted to open my knowledge and discover some Chinese medicine. This course only gives you the basics of physiology, pathophysiology and certain diagnosis tools according to Chinese medicine but it never explains treatments; herbal infusions, different molecules used in everyday Chinese Medicine. I really learned very few concepts and leave without any treatment options.

By Gabriele S

Jun 2, 2019

In the beginning it seemed too easy, not that engaging and difficult to understand (1st week). Later on, it became really interesting and logical as well as useful for self-help. I would recommend this course to anyone, who wants to know more about their own or just health in general and to those, who want to study Chinese Medicine as an introductory course and a stepping stone. Thank You! I am really happy with the outcome :))


Apr 11, 2019

Everyday Chinese Medicine course was really an informative and difficult course. But, throughout the course i really enjoyed about all aspects of body according to Chinese Medicine. 5 Starts

By Rainbow

Dec 8, 2017

Very interesting material, really enjoyed this course!

**When answering the 'fill the blank questions' make sure you write the answer perfectly including punctuation using american English.

By Birke U

Apr 15, 2018

Very informative lectures. Great for a first deeper understanding. I liked the combination of lectures, and parallel reading possibility for better memorization. Thank you

By Chow S F

Oct 7, 2020

As a person who does not know anything about Chinese medicine this course has much to offer. I have signed up for the next course already.

My suggestion is regarding the videos. Firstly, it would be much appreciated if the readers could pronounce their words more clearly. I find it difficult to understand what they are saying because they tend to mispronounce words, mix up the R's and L's, pronounce the past tense of many verbs in a strange way. They also tend to miss parts of long words by skipping parts of them when reading.

Without the help of the written part accompanying each video it would be quite a challenge to grasp what is being taught in the videos.

Are the texts translated directly from Chinese textbooks? Please do not translate them word for word, because each language has its distinctive character. Sometimes the expressions sounded quite strange.

Thank you very much for offering this course to students who are able to learn more about Chinese medicine. Your efforts are much appreciated.

By Leonardo O

Dec 11, 2017

The text books that we are asked to read should be made available to read online.

By John W

Jul 12, 2019

This was well organized and really like the transcript if click on would go back to that spot and repeat what the practitioner lectured on. I enjoyed this course. The only two thing I would change is to have the reading available so one can read without waiting for books to arrive by mail and secondly, have the Chinese words and material presented on the screen available as PDF like they do for week5 throughout out, or offer the PPT as downloadable too. With that said the material covered and transcripts have the information in it to pass the test(s). I had asked the question what does the certificate of completion say as the title Everyday Chinese Medicine in my opinion does not really due Justice to the topics learned. Should say some thing like Fundamentals of TCM utilizing Zang-Fu/ Yin and Yang theory. This course offers much more that the title denotes. Thanks for offering this course!!!! Will definitely recommend it.

By D T

Nov 22, 2020

IMHO I would say it's a good introductory TCM course for those prepared to find and read the suggested materials or for a person with some previous knowledge and needs a refresher. I personally would've liked passages from the suggested reading materials included right in the course (however copyrights and all). I'm not sure the local library would carry these books? Some modules were simple, some were more complex and needed extra time to study and review. A few terms needed a clearer explanation for a lay person e.g malar flush. I really liked the videos with the charts and examples and that some quiz questions were not multiple choice. Thank you for the interesting journey during these COVID times. Stay safe.

By Pang Y Y

Jul 5, 2020

This is my first completed course in Coursera! I would like to thank Professor Vincent Chung, Professor Lin Zhi Xu and Professor Wendy Wong. I will definitely recommend those who are interested in TCM to take the course because it is clear with the use of graphics and and the explanation is concise! It also includes the key phrases from Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine to enhance the relationships between Zang-Fu Organs, Blood, Body Fluids, Qi and Pathogenesis.

Keep it up and I look forward to you introducing more TCM courses in Coursera! Hopefully it is the same course instructors!

By Liu B

Mar 15, 2020

I would like to rate this course negative-stars if possible. However, it is not. Hence 5 stars if you are looking to just waste your own time and a reason to hate something. The videos are unnecessary and the content does not seem to have any scientific basis. The information provided would be better obtained from classics like "Tale of the vulture-shooting heroes" or "The heaven sword and the dragon saber", at least those were moderately enjoyable. I wish I could get back the time lost completing this course but alas woe to me and woe to whoever else is foolish enough to pursue this course.

By Talita R d S L

Jul 1, 2020

The course is basic but it's very well explained and objective. Great to refresh some subjects, in my case. I've found a mistake in one assignement and, as I've noticed, not only me had the problem, and the video they suggested to explain the answer of this same question didn't answer it, it was suggested the wrong video. Dispite of this, it's a very good course to have a great basic understanding of TCM, including the steps followed in diagnosis and meaning of some findings.

By Scott S

Sep 28, 2020

Excellent way to learn the basics from professors at a major Hong Kong institution. The combination of reading, videos, transcriptions and quizzes works well for retaining and understanding the interrelationships between a large amount of practical and theoretical information. Thank you! Only suggested improvement: Make course readings available to students on the course site.

By Gloria G

Jun 10, 2018

The course has been very extraordinary. It has been a most enriching experience to understand the basis of Chinese medicine, given that it is so different I think it contributes much more than expected, besides having become very interesting to continue studying about it. Thank you very much, you have done an excellent level course, congratulations!

By Miran R

Jan 22, 2018

Enjoyed the course because of my long-term interest and kinda devotion to Holistic medicine like Chinese, Indian Ayurveda and derivatives in Thailand, Vietnam & alt. My only complain is I've been missing some printable stuff about presentation on screen. Some .pdf for each lesson. Maybe next time on course TCM_II ?

Thanks for the course!


By Lim P T

Dec 1, 2019

Interesting course that give a good understanding on fundamental theory of Chinese Medicine. The explanation are clear with diagrams and pictures. The examples of the different types of breathing and cough are useful. The content can be further enhanced with more real life pictures and videos of various diseases symptoms.

By Jhoy S

Nov 4, 2018

I hope after this course, there will be next level course suggestions on Chinese Medicine if I wanted to learn more than the basic. It will be good also if the discussion will include more detailed examples and lessons because I think the exams are very easy to pass (or maybe I just listened well ;) ). Thank you.

By Moriko S

Mar 31, 2021

Definitely I am so exciting to learn Chinese Medicine as collaborative knowledge. Chinese medicine giving a new perspective to treat the patient and many benefit can applying to cure the patient. I hope that I can finisih the chinese medicine. Thank to the All Lecturer on this course and Coursera.

By N C

May 12, 2020

I wanted to learn about alternative, more 'natural' forms of medicine as I've always found these to work better for minor maladies. I was impressed by the course as it gave the important fundamental theories with explanations, and went on to explain common sicknesses. Overall, a very useful course!

By J.D. M

May 25, 2020

Overall, a great course. Very easy to understand and well put together lectures. The quizzes were challenging and covered a large breadth of knowledge. The readings also supplemented the material very well. Am looking forward to using this to supplement my doctoral chinese medicine work.

By Marta d L C

Mar 10, 2021

Wonderful course, considers the human being integrated with nature in health care, in addition, it demonstrates how our organism works in unity. Excellent teaching, which allows people from other cultures to understand the basis of this gift for humanity, which is Chinese medicine.


Aug 15, 2020

This is a great course. It is somehow introductory but the explanations are great, perfectly detailed and the use of diagrams and illustrations helps a lot. I hope you can continue offering this type of courses (on TCM) online here or directly from your department webpage.


By Chan I K

Jun 4, 2020

Intensive yet precisely include the essence of the basic Chinese Medicine knowledge in the course and present the knowledge in an easy to comprehend manner, recommend for anyone who are interested in stepping into the miraculous world of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

By Mairearad N

Aug 2, 2020

A beginner friendly dive into traditional Chinese medicine! The lectures are clear (and the quizzes can have tricky bits) but very interesting especially for those interested in Confucianism and qi. I'll definitely be continuing my studies on the follow up course.

By Kun W T

Dec 9, 2020

It was very fruitful to have the chance to study TCM in English version. TCM is very different from Western Medical study. This angle of medical view is certainly very useful and I believed that TCM will become parts of medical study syllabus in time to comes.