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  • Leverage on managing personal finance and foresee strategies for financial independence.

  • Gain personal interest on different source of income and investing products to effectively manage and analyze financial risks.

  • Aspire knowledge and pursue insights for higher degrees in finance and / or investment management.

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There are 7 modules in this course

The program is tailored for individuals aiming to enhance and solidify their foundational knowledge in financial planning, financial markets, and investment products. Comprising six modules, the program guides learners through essential concepts such as the importance of financial planning, principles of saving, achieving financial freedom, and exploring diverse income sources. Additionally, participants gain valuable insights into various investment products, the significance of insurance, and strategies for effective tax management. The course empowers the learners with necessary knowledge and skills using financial tools and the strategies that can help them take charge of their finances and make well-informed decisions.

What's included

1 video8 readings1 discussion prompt

In the foundational module, participants will embark on a journey to grasp the fundamentals of financial planning and essential financial terminology. This module serves as a cornerstone, providing learners with crucial foundational knowledge necessary for progression. Additionally, this module will offer detailed insights into the mechanisms of loans and credit cards, fostering a nuanced understanding of their roles within personal finance management.

What's included

28 videos1 reading1 assignment

In this second module, participants will delve into the concept of financial independence and its critical importance within the realm of personal finance. The module will provide an in-depth exploration of the distinct levels of financial independence and their implications for achieving financial security. Additionally, learners will gain knowledge about the four key pillars of net worth and their indispensable role in the pursuit of financial independence. Furthermore, principles related to active income, strategies for income growth, and the optimization of tax efficiency will be examined, equipping participants with essential insights into building sustainable financial autonomy.

What's included

1 video1 reading1 assignment

In the third module, participants will explore the various sources of income, distinguishing between active and passive income streams and understanding their pivotal role in ensuring financial security. Additionally, learners will delve into the historical evolution of currency, tracing its transition from barter systems to the emergence of diverse forms of currency, including fiat money and digital currencies.

What's included

4 videos1 reading1 assignment

In this module, participants will delve into an extensive array of investment vehicles, exploring the role of diversification and analyzing the advantages and disadvantages inherent in each option, including mutual funds and bonds. Furthermore, the module offers comprehensive insights into prominent investment instruments such as the National Pension Scheme and Provident Funds, as well as into the dynamics of Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists within the investment landscape.

What's included

41 videos1 reading1 assignment

This module provides a comprehensive exploration of life and health insurance, addressing ideal coverage, policy types, and premium payment options. Participants will learn strategies to avoid claim rejection and criteria for selecting the most suitable insurance company. By the conclusion, they will be empowered to make informed decisions ensuring comprehensive financial security through insurance.

What's included

16 videos1 reading1 assignment

The final module offers a comprehensive examination of taxes, tax planning, and the intricate Indian tax system. Participants will delve into fundamental tax concepts, appreciate the strategic importance of tax planning, and scrutinize both the old and new tax regimes. Moreover, the course will elucidate the significance of meticulous tax return filing, providing learners with practical insights into the intricacies of Income Tax Return (ITR) submission.

What's included

1 video1 reading1 assignment


Prasanna Tantri
Indian School of Business
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