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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Game Design Document: Define the Art & Concepts by California Institute of the Arts

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About the Course

The Capstone project is a place for you to develop your game idea into a fully-fleshed proposal. A game design document is your game bible, the go-to document that defines the genre of your game, its look and feel, and the evolution of gameplay. This four-part capstone project guides you to distill and improve the foundational aspects of your game so that you may express your ideas in a clear and productive way. Note: Only learners who have earned a certificate in the four previous courses in the Specialization are eligible to take the Capstone....

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Feb 19, 2018

Very hands on and creative. Pushed my ideas to the paper and to develop further and better than I would ever without guidance. Thank you so much.


Dec 22, 2020

Excellent course and an excellent specialization , I learned a lot thank you for the interviews and efforts put to get this training course done

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By Francisco N

May 31, 2016

This is a course almost without any content. You coul pick any book about game design and you will learn more of game design in the first ten pages. I recommend Level up! by Scott Rogers for begginers like me. You could be fooled by this course if you dont know the principles of design and narrative structure, but if you know it you will not find anything of value here, becouse dont explain almost anything about videogame concepts like gameplay, balace, GAME DESIGN, etc. They explain very basics things in the first course and then they forget everything. The rest of the information are very very basic knowledge about character and world design, without being vinculated through metodologies to the games!, only with empty words of inspiration recorded in useles videos. Sorry the critics, but i followed all the courses and paid the monoey for the certificate, hoping that some week the course could show somethign usefull. Never did. See for books if you want to learn something.

By Daniil S

Oct 12, 2016

I like what kind of job you have done creating this series of courses. But the final course was too long. In the end, I made the final document for the last night from scratch, received 100%, and I was a little upset. I would like something more complicated as the final task. Even the criteria for evaluation were extremely formal, with no concept of quality assessments. Nevertheless, thank you very much. I learned a lot of details and nuances of game development. And I got a bit of confidence in the chosen field of activity.

By Bojan P

Jul 28, 2016

Fantastic course, recommendation for everyone interested in video games design.

It could do with more video lectures, and maybe even little harder assignments, but overall it is really great course, and specialization as a whole.

By Pratik D

Oct 26, 2020

Would definitely recommend this for all the budding game designers/artists/developers. It gives a sense of how to effectively document things right from conceptualization to visualization to creating environments/characters to deciding on gameplay mechanics and beyond. The guest lectures are very well placed and provide a sense of understanding from experts. As I've finally completed the whole specialization, I can say it got me started on my very own game design document. Cheers!

By Brenda J

Sep 23, 2020

If you took part in the Specialization, this last course was a great way to put together all the things learned about Game Design Art and Concepts, from narrative to gameplay, world building and Character Creation in one single BIG final project. And the peer review in this course was fundamental to achieve my goals.

By Maribel R

Nov 6, 2019

I found the course to be very helpful! Its organized and engaging. Sharing the creative process with other students gave me great ideas for the final product and it motivated me to keep working on this project even after the course was over.

By Kiara A F

Dec 11, 2021

Amazing class, I would take it again if I could. The experience you get from doing the GDD along the way is unique for each student but it's worth the try. I loved every second of this class and the whole course, thank you!

By Alejandro M G M

Feb 20, 2018

Very hands on and creative. Pushed my ideas to the paper and to develop further and better than I would ever without guidance. Thank you so much.

By Manar M N H

Dec 22, 2020

Excellent course and an excellent specialization , I learned a lot thank you for the interviews and efforts put to get this training course done

By Robert D D

Dec 20, 2021

I totally loved this set of courses! Many thanks to everybody involved, the instructors and learning colleagues alike!

By Mangesh T

Jun 14, 2018

I really liked the way this course was designed. It helped me revise some forgotten concepts when I was studying.

By Ana G V F

Nov 6, 2020

An excellent course that guides you step by step to finish a GDD! I really loved all the feedback and content!

By Nicole C

Jul 3, 2021

Me gusto mucho este curso porque aprendes de manera sencilla y simple más sobre el mundo de los videojuegos

By Moisés P

Oct 12, 2016

Excellent specialization, I have learned a lot of how to create a Game Design Document and a prototype.

By Deleted A

Oct 5, 2019

Great course, I really learn how to unite all knowledge learn at this specialization at the end!

By David M

May 17, 2017

Excellent beginners series for learning the basics of a GDD to start creating your own games.

By Abhi S

Aug 13, 2017

Really Fun course to get an understanding of creating games from the ground up!

By Luca L

Apr 20, 2018

Great way to wrap up the overall course. Very pleased with my final product!

By Conrad B L

Oct 13, 2020

Exceptional class and specialization, very thankful for the opportunity!

By Farid A N V

Jun 29, 2021

Well constructed and interesting. I hope you could renew some content.

By Ticiana V

Aug 28, 2022

Loved the content and the teachers.

By Josemaria

Jul 3, 2021

Muy buen curso, muchas gracias

By Luis A V P

Jun 30, 2021

uno de los mejores cursos

By Arturo I L T

Jun 10, 2021

really good course

By Danilo F B

Feb 22, 2017

Excelente o curso!