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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Getting Started with Front-End and Web Development by IBM

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About the Course

Have you encountered a website with stunning design, user-friendly interactivity, and dynamic elements and wondered how it was put together? If so, this course is designed for you! It is tailored for aspiring front-end developers or those who want to get started in this field. In this course, you will gain an understanding of front-end and web development, exploring the significance of User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design. You will delve into the workings of web browsers and the internet, learning about the tools and technologies that enable you to create interactive and engaging websites and applications. Additionally, you'll explore No-Code development and be introduced to Content Management Systems (CMS). Throughout this course, we will provide step-by-step instructional guidance to help you engage in hands-on activities. You will also discover various job opportunities and potential career paths in the front-end development field and hear from industry professionals about their roles and experience as front-end developers. This course is designed for beginners in Front-end development and does not require prior programming or web development experience....

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Dec 7, 2023

it is a great course for the beginners I know more about serves and websites and hosting and more information in this course


Dec 3, 2023

Great explanation and introduction to many aspect and technologies of front-end web development

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By Justice J

Dec 6, 2023

This course includes a lot! Its content is very rich. I enjoyed it all the way.

By Alazere A

Mar 18, 2024

I am so exited because of I meet with you , Because I gain some experience in front end web developer. like word press .so I will continue with you in glad .Also I will take the reaming course including backend web development course. I expected am a full stack web developer after I take the course that intended by you . So I try to committee ,passionate for what I take the course by you .


Dec 8, 2023

it is a great course for the beginners I know more about serves and websites and hosting and more information in this course

By Mohamed M

Dec 4, 2023

Great explanation and introduction to many aspect and technologies of front-end web development


Dec 15, 2023

I feel there was a need to get that career guide first before diving deep into this course

By Tome S

Feb 8, 2024

I was so glad i learnt more than expected from this course. thanks to the team

By Justice J

Nov 27, 2023

This course is so amazing. It'll sure help me in my Development Path.

By Meseret B A

Apr 22, 2024

The course delivery method and the content is very attractive.

By Marta C J

Apr 9, 2024

Genial. Buen comienzo para entrar en materia.

By Rodrigo R

Nov 28, 2023

Excellent information for beginners

By Christine B

Apr 10, 2024

Awesome course! Great details.

By Johann

Jan 19, 2024

Excellent course for beginners

By Blanca O

Apr 1, 2024

Excelente nivel de enseñanza

By Sardorxon O

Dec 14, 2023

hammasi alo darajada

By asilbek r

May 8, 2024


By Ricardo L

Mar 15, 2024

I thought it was a great course how ever the final project I found to be rather tedious as the directions in the assignment were difficult to follow as there were missing categories and options to choose from in Wordpress in comparison to what I was being directed to do on the assignment.

By Melody W

Mar 31, 2024

I enjoyed learing about front end development. I like the challenge and will continue to learn through additional courses and training.

By Karthik P

Feb 20, 2024


By Solomon I (

Nov 26, 2023

Great Work!!!


Apr 5, 2024

Ta bien

By Mars H

Dec 30, 2023

I found this course frustrating and difficult to learn from. It seems like the makers of the course do not understand the level that they're teaching at. It's supposedly a course for beginners, but it uses niche-specific terminology that a beginner would not know to explain basic concepts. If I was teaching someone who doesn't cook how to sear a steak, I wouldn't casually drop the term "maillard reaction" without explaining what that is. Additionally, there were multiple (at least 2) graded questions whose answers were not covered in the course material. After completing the test, I reviewed the questions I missed, and tried to find the answers in the course material from that week. I could not find them there and ended up just searching for the answers online, then looking back through the course to see if I'd missed them. Nothing. That's some significant lack of attention to detail. I also think more hands-on assignments would have been helpful (the majority of the course are videos of someone lecturing over a slideshow), but that might just be my learning style.

By Dumindu V

Nov 25, 2023

need to be practical

By Roman S

Feb 4, 2024

1) The course has not been updated for a long time. 2) When completing tasks, example pictures mixed with text are very inconvenient. 3) Honor is impossible to complete: the description does not correspond to what is presented on 4) is horrible, never again.

By Deleted A

Dec 30, 2023

Stole my money