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Having completed this course, learners will be able to: Describe and analyze the opportunities, challenges and limits of Global Health Diplomacy. Examine the diplomatic, financial, and geopolitical context that underlies global health decision-making. Explain the role of the many players in the space, including governments, philanthropists, and multilateral institutions . Course Objective The field of global health is often thought of purely in medical or public health terms, but there are important geopolitical and policy dimensions of global health that underlie programmatic responses to global health challenges. By completing this course, learners will be able to explain the specific institutions and initiatives that are fundamental to current global health diplomacy activities and functions, and how these influence global health outcomes. Learners will further be able to summarize real-world examples where global health diplomacy either helped or limited global health outcomes, and explain the reasons for those outcomes....

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Jan 4, 2017

Am really enjoying this course. Its one of the courses in the Cousera database:-) . Though this is the 2nd week through this course but It has really broaden my horizon in most of Global Health


Mar 20, 2022

I learned a lot from this course. The video lecture and the reading materials are very informative . Thank you, the orgnisers and Coursera!

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Jan 26, 2018


By Amir M

Nov 21, 2019

Very informative! One would increase his knowledge for sure i believe.


Mar 24, 2018



Mar 17, 2018


By Victor M

May 12, 2018

Wonderful course

By Marjorie P

Feb 15, 2018


By Kaio M R

Nov 15, 2017


By Arnau G

Jan 15, 2018

It looked really interesting, but I was wrong. The videos are explained in a very boring way, the American focus is too present (I expected a more worldwide focus, even when she is explaining international organisations and world funds the American focus does not fade away) and the Gates Foundation spam is too much to handle (and yes, we all know that she worked there, she reminds us that every single week). Besides, many links do not work anymore and the final assessement task was too much for a self-employed like me who has to work every day more than 10h (weekends included, perks of being self-employed). It could be a great course but it has become the most boring course I have ever taken in Coursera and the only one I regret paying for. Unfortunately, a huge disappointment which I did not enjoy as much as I wished.

By Jessica H

Apr 15, 2021

I did not enjoy this course. I felt the topics were extremely interesting, yet I felt that the course was Global Health through an American perspective, with limited information on any other international key players in the field. Secondly, a big problem is that the course is not updated and most of the articles and readings are no longer available or outdated. Lastly, if you plan to obtain a certificate, know that you need 3 peer reviews, and as this course is not so popular nowadays, so these are nearly impossible to obtain without having to beg for other people to review your assignment on the discussion forum. If you have the opportunity to take another course in this field I would recommend you do so.

By M. J H

May 24, 2018

Boring lectures

No independent thinking, to pass you have to remember facts that are barely relevant to the course topic

No peers to review your assignments and no one responding to it on discussion forum

By Veritas V

Aug 12, 2020

The program that describes the Global Health Diplomacy course is an excellent knowledge tool to acquire or strengthen the studies carried out that refer to the aspect of global health and international health policies in which a conglomerate of countries around the world intervene. This universe of countries, in searches for solutions to health problems, especially in those countries with the greatest needs or in situations of health conflicts in which the risk the extension from epidemic to the level of a pandemic reflects the scenery of a real need.

By Alex C

May 16, 2023

This course has broadened my horizons of global health processes. It made me think about the complexity of the processes at work in eradicating disease and poverty. After all, in the eyes of the average person, it seems very simple: the question of life and death is only a question of the availability of medical care. But it turned out to be a hundred times more complicated. This course pushed me to look more deeply into the Millennium Goals, not as a declaration but as fundamental principles that will change the world.

By Tofail A

Sep 27, 2019

There are three level of human living standards around the world. Everybody is looking forward to go higher. The lowest level just stay in behind. Global Health Diplomacy is a matter of importance for of all us. Because people are making world peaceful to live. So No one should have stay in behind. Time demanded course to me...

By Deleted A

Feb 13, 2017

The course gives you an understanding how global health functions, how different players operate and what challenges our society encounters. It made me aware of the complexities but also the opportunities we are facing.


May 9, 2020

In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, this course illustrates the processes and actors that intervene on the international scene. The construction and logic of the themes made it really interesting.

By Mohamed M E

Oct 21, 2019

I thank the NYU team I learned a lot at

Global health ones how to maintain health and support health countries and fight

Diseases such as AIDS and tuberculosis

By Teshome W A

Mar 21, 2022

I learned a lot from this course. The video lecture and the reading materials are very informative . Thank you, the orgnisers and Coursera!

By Andrea B

Feb 12, 2017


By Jayita D P

Sep 25, 2020

Amazing course. Learned and understood so much. Thank you Dr Fitzgerald and my fellow students!

By Adrienn

Jun 16, 2020

Excellent course with all the basics you need to have a general idea about global health.

By Noora A

Mar 31, 2020

excellent course where you will be able to understand global health deeply and clearly

By Miceal O

Apr 27, 2020

Exceptional course. Videos are very good - content driven and exams are challenging.

By Richard J

Mar 29, 2023

The information says that I may view my certificqte, but I do not see it.

By Eduardo B

Feb 18, 2020

Very good and comprehensive course. I enjoyed !

By Ilukor G

Jun 16, 2021

The course is very impactful and educative.