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Guitar for Beginners, Berklee College of Music

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About this Course

Grasp the essentials needed to begin playing acoustic or electric guitar. You'll learn an easy approach to get you playing quickly, through a combination of exploring the instrument, performance technique, and basic music theory. For students who have long thought about picking up the acoustic or electric guitar, this course will provide an easy-access foundation that will get you playing. When first learning guitar, it is important to have the material presented in stages, in an enjoyable way that allows you to grasp the basics of the instrument and music. The course begins simply with the parts of the guitar, the names of the strings, tuning, and technique—whether finger-style or pick. It then explores the basics of music theory with such topics as scales, triads, power chords, and fingering and shapes. At the end of this course, students will understand the structure, parts, and accessories of the instrument, in addition to an understanding of its basic maintenance. Electric guitar players will learn the operation of their instrument along with basic options for amplification, effect pedals, and sounds. Students will also learn to develop correct technique and apply theory concepts to their playing. They will have the foundational knowledge necessary to pursue most intermediate guitar courses....

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Oct 12, 2015

Dear Friends,\n\nI really enjoyed this course, specially the way "Thaddeus Hogarth" teach the course, It is unbelievably strong and master piece.\n\nThanks a lot "Thaddeus Hogarth"\n\nGod bless you


Aug 09, 2017

Amazing course for a beginner and someone who want to pick it up after a long break. I would suggest this for people who has sufficient experience with the instrument. The tutor is really amazing.

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385 Reviews

By Harsh Saraogi

Apr 14, 2019

The course prepared is too good. Highly satisfied.

By Giulio Luiz Valcanaia

Apr 08, 2019

Very Good...

By Atharva Beloskar

Apr 02, 2019

Thaddeus is a damn cool guy!

By Adrian Puertos

Mar 29, 2019

Un curso EXTRAORDINARIO si quieres aprender paso paso las bases para tocar guitarra.

By Matija Opačak

Mar 12, 2019

Easy, useful and professional!

By Sujit Gangadharan

Mar 03, 2019

As an absolute beginner, I am thoroughly enjoying this course. It is really challenging me, but the instructor is doing a phenomenal job explaining everything!!!

By José Luis Céspedes

Feb 14, 2019

Easy to follow. Loved it!!!!

By Otto Edgard Silva Falcão

Feb 13, 2019

great course, i love it

By Pranav Joshi

Feb 04, 2019

First course I completed on Coursera. I'm very happy with the results.

By Gino Edgar Ngomeni

Feb 01, 2019

Great explanation, lot of patience in the teaching. Perfect for beginners.